• OPA Congratulates the 2018 Manningham Winners!

    We thank the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, as well as Budd Powell Mahan, Manningham Youth Chair.

    Second Place Senior Division (Grades 9 – 12)

    Anna Lipari, Creation Myths, St. Mary’s Academy, Portland, teacher Sara Salvi

    Fifth Place Junior Division (Grades 6 – 8)

    Christopher Rogers, The Life of a Short Kid, Judson Middle School, Salem, teacher Karen Kinnett

    Fourth Place Junior Division (Grades 6 – 8)

    Carlie Cieri, Just Me, Judson Middle School, Salem, teacher Karen Kinnett

    First Place Junior Division (Grades 6 – 8)

    Madison Monahan, You Are Not Defined, Judson Middle School, Salem, teacher Karen Kinnett

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  • Posted: May 15, 2018

    Nancy Christopherson

    “Water as Much as Anything,” “Migrants Immigrants Welcome,” “Greater Good,” and “At the Human Test Site” recently published in MOMENTS BEFORE MIDNIGHT, Oregon Poets Write for Ecological, Social, Political, and Economic Justice, an anthology by Bob Hill Publishing, edited by Amalie Rush Hill.

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  • Before Dreaming: Poems by Arn Strasser, reviewed by Gigi Cooper

    Before Dreaming

    by Arn Strasser


    Budding Branch Books, an imprint of Asher & Merriman Publishers

    ISBN# 978-0-9841874-1-6

    2015, 89 pp., $19.95



    Before Dreaming almost is correct; Between Dreaming would be accurate. Arn Strasser’s collection investigates the interaction between the dream state and wakefulness. He approaches the enigma of the dream world with both wonder and dread, exploring the boundaries between living and dead, youth and age, adventure and solace. Without magniloquence, he takes the reader on a journey from as close as the dining room and sofa to the markets and shores of Sardinia.

    For Strasser, sleep is not a separate condition, but a way to access both memories and the future. Dream and memory inextricably intertwine in the book, most literally in the penultimate set of poems

    called “The Wanderers.”


    1. Night

    … so we may wander

    the landscapes

    of our dreams … .


    these constellations of our

    desires, a twilight of



    1. Awakening

    Do you hear


    of the dead,


    who speak in memory … .


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  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 3rd Place, New Poets

    May 23, 2018

    Crow Proprietors

    by Judy Richardson


    Before eight in the morning

    there is only myself in the park

    and a dozen crows near the trail,

    another thirty or so in the distance.

    I like how sometimes a group

    of them will burst like benign buckshot

    from one tree to another, at last

    settling in tiers on an oak, then

    making a racket; how they will drop

    to the ground afterwards and realign

    themselves, close family members



    I read once that when a crow dies,

    its family forms a line, each member

    stepping up to the body in silence.

    They like to know what happened,

    if there’s a lesson to be learned. No

    lesson here, even a Frisbee won’t catch

    crows off guard, and in the morning

    they strut across the wide grass

    like proprietors, the sun making

    black jewels of their feathers.




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