Posted February 26, 2018.

Board Minutes January 13, 2018

Oregon Poetry Association board meeting minutes: January 13, 2018

SKYPE attendees: Lisa, Joy, Charles, Shirley, Stella, Diane, Erik and Bruce.


OPA’s financial status has been reviewed by old and new officers. Printed reports were emailed to the board. New debit cards are on the way for three authorized holders. Question: Should OPA change fiscal year? The OPA membership year runs from March 1 to March 1. The board decided to maintain the current system and make a decision at a future meeting.


Conference Planning reviewed two proposed schedule models. Utilizing longer breaks and book store shopping opportunities is scheduled into the two-day model. Board members have been researching other literary conferences as reference. Early bird registrations help with the advance costs OPA must pay for venues. The board decided to focus on pursuing quality workshop leaders. The board will advertise for workshop and panel discussion proposals without mentioning readings as a category. Agreement was reached to bring back an opportunity for contest winners to read their poems. The board decided to designate the first readers at the open mic to be contest winners. All readers will be limited to one poem. In regard to the 2018 conference, a motion passed to charge $85 for members taking advantage of early bird registration. The registration fee will be $105 for non-members and registrations arriving after the early bird cutoff date. A proposed registration rate for one-day attendance was dropped.


Discussions will continue later in an effort to create regional spring conferences.


Membership Co-chairs will be sending an email to names of 2016, 2017 expired-dues members and those members whose dues expire on March 1, 2018. A notice went out to dues-expired members with books or website material hosted by OPA. Those individuals must renew or have material removed. OPA has sent NFSPS an updated membership list and annual dues. Another updated list will be sent later to NFSPS to keep OPA members eligible for contests. Problems were discussed with edit access to membership list. Membership co-chairs are working on a current list of members, minus those with a dues-expired notation. The Google document can be opened to review for deceased and relocated members.


Verseweavers for 2016 and 2017 are far behind publication schedule. The current editor uses a print firm that is expensive. Comparing Cascadia CreateSpace print costs to Verseweavers print costs is revealing; $515 versus $1452. Mailing costs are over $200 to send the publication to all members. OPA must reduce the print costs. Motion passed to move 2016, 2017 and 2018 production of Verseweavers to CreateSpace. The board apologizes to winning poets whose work has been delayed in publication.


The bookmark design is underway and will be available soon.


OPA Newsletter needs submission deadlines. Editor is working to refine process and will notify board members and regional units about a submission deadline. There is a location on OPA website to request regular email notifications.


Student Contest judging will occur Tuesday, January 16. Adult contest is open until March 1 deadline.


Non-profit Association of Oregon Leadership Training will be February 3. Three OPA board members will attend.


NFSPS Conference in Oregon in 2019? OPA President will attend 2018 conference in Denver. Some members of the board felt it may be too soon for our new board to undertake such a large event. OPA needs more information on specific responsibilities and/or costs to host.


OPA Retreat Date requires time to mail out workshop proposal requests and receive back proposals. The board should produce a timely conference schedule with presenters and topics available for review by potential attendees. June 9, 2018 is the tentative date set for retreat at Lisa’s home in Grants Pass. Carpooling is available.


The board sends condolences to Lynn Otto and her family for their recent loss.


Next OPA Board Meeting is February 17, 2018 12-3 PM.

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