Posted September 25, 2017.

Board Minutes September 17, 2017

Oregon Poetry Association board minutes, September 17, 2017

(on Skype: Tiel, Lisa, Shirley, Joy, Lynn)

MID-VALLEY POETRY SOCIETY AND GRANT RELATIONSHIP: This program is coordinated by Eleanor Berry. They are seeking another grant source since their previous one had a two-year limit. A motion was passed that OPA continue allowing our name and tax ID to be used for future grants. Our organization is identified as a sponsor for this program.

CONFERENCE PLANNING: Conference registration begins 6:00 to 6 :30 PM on Friday evening.

Production of a program guide requires contacting workshop presenters for brief bios and program content. Lynn will include her short article on why she volunteered for the board in a newsletter on September 26. Another online conference reminder will go out in early October.

The hotel ballroom will be locked both nights, so OPA will not need to pay for box storage. Any cash will be removed at the end of each day. The shortcut travel route between workshop rooms goes through the café area and is available only for handicapped attendees and during the café’s low traffic hours, such as late afternoon. The regular route is longer, but will be marked on a map given to attendees at registration. Restrooms will also be marked on the map.

Board members are working either the registration table or book table. The book table will be set up in one of the workshop rooms. Board members will wear colored name tags. Conference evaluation forms will propose raising the registration fee.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Tiel will offer recognition for the forthcoming bequest, share a financial report, make a report on her term as President of OPA, recognize volunteers and pose questions regarding future conference length. Eleanor will present a report on the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Ideas about fundraising will be elicited from the membership. Recruitment of new board members will be folded into the agenda. Election of new board members will be held.

BOARD MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES DOCUMENT: This is on the website and is being revised for clarity.

All OPA board members will be asked to write a brief statement about what they have gained from serving on the board. These will be included in a future newsletter.

BEQUEST TO OPA: OPA has been named as a beneficiary in estate papers. More information will be available as the process settles. The board is discussing the wisdom of incorporating and how that would impact bequests and grant writing. Quasi-endowments were mentioned by board members. OPA examined both short and long-term options for sheltering the bequest while OPA designs a long range and more detailed plan. We need to find a volunteer attorney to assist OPA with incorporation.

FUTURE BUSINESS: Not all members are receiving messages from Constant Contact. We may need to shop around for another service.

STUDENT CONTEST: A notice about the opening of the student contest will be placed in one of the upcoming newsletters.

Respectfully submitted by Joy McDowell, OPA secretary

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