Posted December 21, 2016.

Books Needing Review and Past Reviews

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Books Needing Reviewers
Deborah Akers – partly fallen
Eleanor Berry – No Constant Hues
Adam Brown – Musings of a Madman
Nancy Christopherson – The Leaf
T.L. Cooper – Vulnerability in Silhouette
Nancy Flynn – Great Hunger
John Haislip – Seal Rock
Quinton Hallett – Mrs. Schrödinger’s Breast
Laura LeHew – Becoming
Carolyn Martin – The Way a Woman Knows
Shirley Plummer – The Task of Falling Rain
Arn Strasser – Before Dreaming
Anita Sullivan – And if the Dead Do Dream
Pepper Trail – Cascade-Siskiyou: Poems (finalist for Oregon Book Award)
Christopher M. Wicks – 365 Sonnets


Past Reviews

Setting the Fires by Darlene Pagán, reviewed by Carolyn Martin

Nice and Loud by Lois Rosen, reviewed by Susan Clayton-Goldner

a question of mortality by Susan Clayton Goldner, reviewed by Lois Rosen

Avenida Uriburu by Michael Hanner, reviewed by Sara Burant

Ocean’s Laughter by Tricia Knoll, reviewed by Carolyn Martin

Every Door Recklessly Ajar by Nancy Flynn, reviewed by Ann Staley

Reverberations from Fukushima: 50 Japanese Poets Speak Out, reviewed by Ruthy Kanagy

Anuk-Ité: Double-Face Woman by Dorothy Black Crow, reviewed by Carter McKenzie

High-Voltage Lines by Tiel Aisha Ansari, reviewed by Lois Rosen

Just This, Tanka by Margaret Chula, reviewed by Penelope Schott

Snow White, When No One Was Looking by Donna Prinzmetal, reviewed by Carolyn Martin

Woodstock Baby, by Joan Dobbie, reviewed by Tim Volem

The Parachute Jump Effect by Judith Arcana, reviewed by Penelope Scambly Schott

Rending the Garment by Willa Schneberg, reviewed by Eleanor Berry

Controlled Hallucinations by John Sibley Williams, reviewed by Penelope Scambly Schott

Still Life with Judas and Lightning by Dawn Diez Willis, reviewed by Kelly Eastlund

Iron String by Annie Lighthart, reviewed by A. Molotkov

Willingly Would I Burn by Laura LeHew reviewed by Larina Warnock

To That Mythic Country Called Closure by M, reviewed by Carolyn Martin

Tomorrow Too by Don Colburn, reviewed by Tim Pfau

In the White Room by Elizabeth McLagan, reviewed by Erik Muller

Understory: Poems by Paulann Petersen, reviewed by John Sibley Williams

Motionless from the Iron Bridge: A Northwest Anthology of Bridge Poems

Verge by Sara Burant, Comment by Erik Muller

Photograph With Girls: Poems by Nancy Carol Moody reviewed by Toni Van Dusen

At This Distance by Bette Lynch Husted reviewed by Erik Muller

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