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Salem Poetry Project Featuring Author Diane Forsberg, poet Steve Slemenda, and digital artist Joel Zak present Never Solitary-Forward @ IKE Box
Nov 21 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Author Diane Forsberg, poet Steve Slemenda, and digital artist Joel Zak present Never Solitary-Forward, a collection of prayers, poems and images. The publication is the third of a series that joins texts with images in a thought provoking and appealing blend of complimentary expressions. The book’s content will be projected as Forsberg, Slemenda and Zak present their contributions and discuss the rich process through which the book was realized.

Featured reader begins at 7:00 and the open mic will directly follow. Our hosts, the Ike Box, feature a wide variety of beverages and snack options! The Ike Box is located at 229 Cottage St NE in Salem, at the intersection of Chemeketa and Cottage.

Erica Goss and Joan Dobbie share their stone poetry @ Mother Foucault's Bookstore
Nov 23 all-day

Erica Goss and Joan Dobbie, sharing stone inspirations, will be introducing their new books, “Stone/Empty Chair” (Erica) and “The Language of Stone” (Joan) from 7pm-9pm on Saturday, November 23rd 2019

Free Poetry and Music @ River Road Annex
Nov 24 all-day

Charles Goodrich and Clem Stark will share their poetry. Composer, pianist, Scott Bartlett will share his original compositions. Books and cds will be available for purchase.

Book Launch: What She Was Wearing – Shawn Aveningo Sanders @ Annie Bloom's Books
Jan 8 @ 7:00 pm

Annie Bloom’s welcomes Portland poet Shawn Aveningo Sanders to read from What She Was Wearing.

How long can you keep a dark secret before you become completely unraveled? In What She Was Wearing, Sanders uses poetry, prose, and letters to tell her #MeToo story—one that has taken over 30 years to reveal.
Inspired by the countless number of women who are bravely opening up to share their truth, she adds her voice to the fight against the oppressive, misogynic times we live in. It’s time to stop blaming the victim and to stop asking what she was wearing! For Shawn, writing through the pain and sharing these poems has proven to be cathartic and even epiphanic at times. It is her hope this work can help women of all ages face and cope with their own traumas, while letting them know they can indeed heal and go on to enjoy loving, trusting relationships.