Oregon Poetry Association Board Meeting at the Grand Hotel in Salem, Oregon September 15, 2019

Retiring Board Members:
Shirley Marc (president); Charles Castle (vice-president); Erik Muller (secretary); Lynn Otto (treasurer)
Continuing Board Members:
Bruce Parker (Historian and NFSPS liaison, newsletter)
Dale Champlin (Verseweavers editor, newsletter editor)
Diane Corson (membership outreach)
Stella Jung Guillory (adult poetry contest coordinator)
Jennifer Rood (Banta Award committee chair)
New Members:
Dave Mehler (elected for a 3-year term)
Susan Morse (elected for a 2-year term)
Dan Liberthson (elected for a 3-year term)

Not Present:
Jenn Dawson (elected for a 3-year term)   

I.  Call to Order 

                Shirley Marc called the meeting to order at 1:20 p.m.
                Note: Jennifer Rood will be acting as secretary and taking notes for the meeting.

II.  Approval of September 9, 2019 Minutes

                It was moved and seconded that the minutes be accepted as amended.
                The minutes were accepted by voice vote, without objection.

III.  New Business

                A.  Election of New Officers
                It was moved and seconded that each of the following Board members become officers of the
                new Board.  Each motion passed by voice vote, without objection.
                                President:  Bruce Parker
                                Vice-President:  Jennifer Rood
                                Treasurer: Jenn Dawson
                                Secretary:  Dan Liberthson

                B.  Transfer of Bank Access to New Officers
                It was moved and seconded that Bruce Parker (new President) and Jennifer Dawson (new
                Treasurer) be added to the Bank of America business checking account as signers, and that
                Shirley Marc (outgoing President) and Lynn Otto (outgoing Treasurer) be removed from the
                account. The motion passed by a voice vote, without objection.

C.  Roles Moving Forward
                The Board discussed and agreed to the following roles and responsibilities moving forward:

                                1.  Dave Mehler agreed to take over Charles Castle’s former duties, including managing
                                  Submittable and the membership list for MailChimp. 
                                2.  Susan Morse agreed to stand in as Secretary in Dan Liberthson’s absence. 
                                3.  Both Susan Morse and Dave Mehler agreed to serve as a back-up proofreader and
                                      editors for the newsletter, as needed.
                                4.  Shirley Marc will put together a conference report to submit to the new Board.  She 
                                    will also compile a volunteer report.  Shirley has the projector and cords for OPA in
                                  her possession for us to be able to use in future conferences.  She also has the
                                  cashbox and notebook for the bookroom.
                                5.  Erik Muller will send minutes from the annual conference to be approved at the next

IV. Next Board Meeting

                The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 12 at 2 p.m. via Skype.

V.  Adjournment 

                The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

OPA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Salem Conference, September 14, 2019

President Shirley Marc presiding.

Banta Award:  Jennifer presented the First Annual Ruth Banta Award to David Hedges, with a survey of his contributions, and the gift of a framed broadside and a certificate. David comments.

Annual Report: Lynn summarized the handout, using power point to survey the accomplishments since the last conference, also thanking those involved with specific tasks (some names added into the minutes).

                Membership: Members at 316. Charles.

                On-line presence: Calendar, reviews, articles. Tiel Ansari.

                Newsletter: Bruce, Dale.

                Facebook Group: Members at 90. Lynn.

                Oregon Poetry Collection: Call for contributions. Joy and Erik.

                Cascadia and Student Poetry Contest:  Lisa Baldwin, contest and awards; Tiel Ansari, editor and design.

                Verseweavers and Adult Poetry Contests:  Amy Miller contest chair; Stella assisting with the contest ; Dale, editor and design.

                 Outreach: Hood River, Diane; La Grande, Erik; Grants Pass-Ashland, Jennifer; November Portland Book Fair, Bruce and Diane.

                Treasurer: Banta gift provides financial stability; grants help student contest; call for donors to support a part of OPA’s programs; over $1000 of books sold at last year’s conference. Lynn.

                Invitation to become a Board member, Staff, or Volunteer.

Comment from a member: Colette Tennant, Salem, said if conference registration fees for students were lower, she would have encouraged more of her students to attend. To be taken up for consideration.

Elections: Shirley.

                Ballots were passed out, with lines for three Board members for a full term and one line for two years. Shirley explained the roles of Board members and Board officers, as well as of supporting staff and volunteers. Mentoring will be provided for technical roles, such as Treasurer and Membership and OPA website.

                The following people volunteered:

                                Three-year term:

                                David Mehler (Newberg)

                                Jennifer Dawson (Portland) by earlier communication

                                Dan Liberthson (Cottage Grove) two-year term

                                Susan Morse (Salem)

 Ballots collected; new Board members elected. The Board has its complement of members.

                Shirley thanked Lisa Baldwin and Tiel Ansari for their work on the student contest and Tiel for her work on the OPA website.

Honoring Departing Board Members:  Jennifer thanked and presented  gifts to Shirley, Lynn, Charles, and Erik.

Additional Recognition: Shirley thanked Tiel Ansari for work on the OPA website and Cascadia. She also thanked Lisa Baldwin for her work on the student contests.

Adjournment: Shirley adjourned the meeting.

OPA Executive Board Meeting, September 9, 2019

Present: Lynn, Shirley, Erik, Charles, Dale, Stella, Bruce, Diane, Jennifer.

Approve Minutes of August 9: Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Lynn provided a financial statement. Lynn is ready to help the next treasurer assume duties. At the conference this weekend, she will have bank cards for new signers. Lynn will have a check ready for the keynoter and is ready for anticipated fall contest expenses.  

Lynn expects that conference costs will be high, but OPA will break even. Next time, on-line registration, she thinks, might increase registrations.

Of the remaining Virginia Cozart fund, $400 has been spent on outreach ($200, La Grande; $150, Richard Blanco tickets; $50, Springfield Public Library event). The remaining $100 is now part of the general fund.

Membership: Charles reported current membership at 316. Charles is ready to help the next membership chair, especially since Charles has been working with four programs: Google Drive, Submittable, Mail Chimp, Excel.

Outreach: Diane, no update.

Newsletter: Bruce is working on the October issue. Dale has sent special bulletins for people who have important news but have missed the newsletter deadline.

OPA Facebook Group: Though membership in the group has grown to 90 people, activity has been limited.  

Facebook page: Lynn has used Facebook to advertise OPA activities, and it should be continued to be used.

Conference: Shirley reviewed a checklist of preparation and conference duties, to which Board members have been assigned. Lynn will provide the template for the ballot; Diane will have it printed. Starting at  7:30 Saturday, Board members and volunteers will help at the registration and membership tables and in the bookroom. Stella, Shirley, and Erik will relieve Bruce in the bookroom. In a discussion about what the Banta Award might consist of (cash, gift, a combination of both), Shirley indicated that Patricia Ruth Banta wanted her bequest to be used to provide the OPA with financial stability. This year’s award is a gift of a framed broadside and a certificate.

Old Business:

                Verseweavers: Dale expects to have the new issue in time for the conference. To reduce mailing costs, members at the conference will be invited to pick up their copies. Back issues will be available in the bookroom.

                Fall Poetry Contest: Stella is working with support from Amy Miller and Bruce.

                November 9 Book Fair: Bruce will include notice of the fair in the October newsletter; OPA bookbags (complementary to new members) and bookmarks will be available. Bruce and Diane invite help at the table.

New Executive Board Members: No definite nominees at this time. At the general meeting, Shirley will explain the role of staff, as distinct from that of Board members.

New Business: Mostly incorporated in above notes.

                New Board Meeting: The old and new boards meet Sunday, 1-2pm, snacks provided. Agenda items include the new Board voting for officers, bank card signing, setting up training times for Treasurer and Membership Chair, as well as for using Skype before the next meeting.