2019 National Federation of State Poetry Societies MANNINGHAM TRUST STUDENT POETRY WINNERS

Junior Division  Grades 6 through 8th

Judge:   Jana Bouma, Madison Lake, Minnesota

Cash Awards

1st Place    “This Big, Dark World” Bella Robinson, Portland, Oregon,  Grade 6

2nd Place  “My Childhood Poem” William Riebel, Salem, Oregon,  Grade 8

3rd Place  “Thinking Ocean” Caitlin Buffington, Centennial Colorado,  Grade 8

4th Place  “Views of a Vermillion Vineyard” Hannah Philip, Coppell, Texas, Grade 8

5th Place  “Ode in His Memory” Remy Finn, Dallas, Texas,  Grade 8

Honorable Mentions

1st HM  “A Wish or a Want?” Khaki Criss, Dallas, Texas, Grade 8

2nd HM  “A Little Too Familiar” Rachel Haynes, Centennial, Colorado, Grade 8

3rd  HM  I spoke a single word. Marcus Beebe, Jr., Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Grade 8

4th HM “Ode to a Scrunchy” Catherine Gillette, Ferandina Beach, Florida, Grade 8

5th  HM  “Swish Swoosh!” Zainab Nazeer, Lombard, Illinois, Grade 6

Senior Division   Grades 9 through 12th

Judge:   Christina Flaugher, Mapleton, Minnesota

Cash Awards

1st Place  “apothecary of cheongdam-dong” Sarah Kim,  Hinsdale, Illinois  Grade 12

2nd Place “Flying Pitch, Skip” Gloria Wang, Vienna, Virginia Grade 11

3rd Place  “Home Is Far from Where I Stand” Gloria Wang, Vienna, Virginia Grade 11

4th Place  “Gut Reflex” Isabella Jiang, Cresskill, New Jersey  Grade 11

5th Place  “and if only” Isabella Jiang, Cresskill, New Jersey  Grade 11

Honorable Mentions

1st HM “Monsoon Emblem” Isabella Jiang, Cresskill, New Jersey  Grade 11

2nd HM “Alchemy Hour”  Jenna Sawyer, Uniontown, Ohio Grade 11

3rd HM “Pluto” Mykaela Reed, Sugar Grove, Ohio Grade 10

4th HM “When the Dinner Bell Rings” Gloria Wang, Vienna, Virginia Grade 11

5th HM  “Art Poetica” Joe Chen, Lima, Ohio  Grade 12

Special mentions

“Bedtime Story” Isabella Jiang, Cresskill, New Jersey  Grade 11

“Burned Pancakes” Ellen Pearson, Beaverton, Oregon  Grade 12

“Video Game Girl” Alana Scherer, West Des Moines, Iowa Grade 10

“We Meet Again, Beethoven” Nathan Phuong, Fort Wayne, Indiana  Grade 11

“Elegy for the Lost Soul” Gloria Wang, Vienna, Virginia Grade 11

Judge’s Comments:  WOW! What an honor to be asked to judge these stunning poems. I have so much hope for the next generation of poets in this country after reading these poems. Going in I thought this would be easy and these amazingly talented young people blew me out of the water.   The top 40 poems were all strong, beautiful and touched a chord deep inside me. It made the judging extremely difficult. I wish I could have given twenty more awards. I got it down to fifteen and couldn’t go any lower. The wisdom and poise of these poem is stunning. I want to get know every single one of the winners because there’s so much that can learned from them. Thank you for the chance to experience these amazing works. 

Fall 2019 Poetry Contest Deadline: September 1, 2019

Limit: one entry per category.
1) Poet’s Choice: Limit 80 lines, any subject, any form. Judge: Carl Adamshick.
2) Members Only: Limit 20 lines, any subject, any form. Entrant must be a current OPA member. Judge: Leah Stenson.
3) New Poets: Limit 30 lines, any subject, any form. A new poet is someone with no more than two poems published in online or print journals. Self-published work is not considered published in this context. Judge: Stephanie Adams-Santos.
4) Traditional Form—Blank Verse: Limit 40 lines, blank verse form (unrhyming iambic pentameter), any subject. 
Judge: John Morrison.
5) Theme—Our Common Life: Limit 40 lines, any form, on the subject of “our common life.” 
Judge: Toni Lumbrazo Luna.

Spaces between stanzas do not count as lines.

Poet’s Choice: 1st $100; 2nd $50; 3rd $30; 3 Honorable Mentions.
All other categories: 1st $50; 2nd $30; 3rd $20; 3 Honorable Mentions.
All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place poems will be published on the OPA website and in the annual anthology of prizewinners, Verseweavers.

Entry Fee
OPA Members—Flat rate of $8 for up to five poems (limit of one poem per category).
Non-members— Flat rate of $15 for up to four poems (limit of one poem per category).

Submitted electronically or postmarked by September 1, 2019, midnight PDT.
Electronic submissions (preferred; see guidelines below): OPA Submittable.
By mail (see guidelines below):
OPA, Contest Entries, PO Box 14582, Portland, OR 97293.

Fall 2019 Poetry Contest Guidelines
1. Poems must be your original work, unpublished in print or online, and cannot have been a prior cash winner in any contest. Appearance on personal websites, blogs, Facebook pages, or critique groups does not constitute publication.
2. You may enter one poem in each category, a different poem in each, without duplication.
3. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but entry fees are non-refundable. If your poem is accepted elsewhere, notify OPA immediately via Submittable, or contact contest chair at Contact Contest Chair or by mail (address below) to withdraw your poem.
4. Format poems in 10- to 12-point font size, Times New Roman or another standard typeface.
5. Online submissions at http://OPA.submittable.com are preferred. The submission title is optional. In the comments field, please include your bio (third person, 75 words or less). In the upper-right corner of every page in your submission, indicate category and your poem’s line count. (Title and spaces between stanzas do not count as lines.) Your name or contact information should not appear on the poems. If entering in multiple categories, all poems must be submitted in a single document. Please use .doc or .docx format and put your last name at the start of the file name (e.g., “Smith-ContestEntry.docx”).
6. If unable to submit online, please submit two copies of each poem, one with your name and contact information and one without. On both copies, indicate category and your poem’s line count in the upper-right corner. Mail your entries by September 1, 2019 (postmark) to: OPA, Contest Entries, P.O. Box 14582, Portland, OR 97293. Entries will not be returned. Mailed entries must include a cover sheet with the poet’s name, bio (third person, 75 words or less), contact information, a list of poem titles, and a check to cover your entry fee payable to Oregon Poetry Association. An email address is required for all entries. No registered or certified mail, please.
7. If you join OPA at the time you enter, you are eligible for the Member rate, and for the Members Only category. (Please use the Become a Member option in Submittable prior to making your contest submission or mail your dues to OPA, P.O. Box 14582, Portland, OR 97293). Include a note in your contest entry stating that you have joined OPA.
8. Poems may not be edited and re-submitted; your submission is final.
9. Members Only category: For questions regarding membership, contact Membership Chair at http://oregonpoets.org/contacts/contact-membership-chair.
10. You may submit up to five poems, limited to one poem per category (up to four poems for non-members). OPA members pay a flat rate entry fee of $8 for up to five poems. Non-members pay a flat rate of $15 for up to four poems.
11. Winners will be notified in October 2019. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place poems will be posted on the OPA website and published in Verseweavers, OPA’s annual anthology. All rights revert to author after publication. OPA reserves the right to use prizewinning poems on the OPA website, on membership forms, etc.
12. Submissions not conforming to these rules will be disqualified.

Oregon Poetry Association Spring 2019 Contest Winners

OPA congratulates all the winners below, and thanks them
and all the poets who entered for sharing their work.

Watch for individual poems to appear in Poet’s Spotlight over the coming weeks.

Poet’s Choice — John Sibley Williams, Judge

1st Place: “Maps” by Jennifer Dorner, Klamath Falls, OR

2nd Place: “passing” by Deborah Akers, Portland, OR

3rd Place: “Observing the Arsonist” by Colette Jonopulos, Denver, CO

1st Honorable Mention: “Awaiting the Child” by Carol Ellis, Forest Grove, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “I.” by Tamarah Rockwood, Bainbridge Island, WA

3rd Honorable Mention: “I Want to Speak Norwegian” by Linda Ferguson, Portland, OR

Members Only — José Angel Araguz, Judge

1st Place: “Lake Ridge Drive” by Jennifer Dorner, Klamath Falls, OR

2nd Place: “Birding” by Carol Lantz, Corvallis, OR

3rd Place: “Roadtrip, Interstate 65” by Sallie Ehrman, Ashland, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Jill Reaches Maturity” by Ann Magill, Ashland, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Once” by Sherri Levine, Portland, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Killjoy” by Lucy Cotter, Portland, OR

New Poets — Stella Beratlis, Judge

1st Place: “Falling Stars” by Meli Broderick Eaton, Bend, OR

2nd Place: “The Bus Stop Has a Sense of Slow-Down” by Peter Schettkoe, Eugene, OR

3rd Place: “All eyes” by Linda Golaszewski, Portland, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Freefall” by Lucy Cotter, Portland, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Question for Mary Oliver” by Linda Budan, Newberg, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Gefilte Fish” by Barry Vitcov, Ashland, OR

Traditional Form – Ghazal — Kathleen McClung, Judge

1st Place: “Slippage” by Eleanor Berry, Lyons, OR

2nd Place: “For a Distant Friend” by Delia Garigan, Hillsboro, OR

3rd Place: “Hiraeth from an Oregon beach to a lost island” by Amelia Díaz Ettinger, Summerville, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Albert on a Bicycle: A Ghazal” by Robert Eastwood, San Ramon, CA

2nd Honorable Mention: “Be Still” by Nancy Knowles, La Grande, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Late, November” by Zach Zeman, Sacramento, CA

Theme–Climate — Nancy Carol Moody, Judge                        

1st Place: “Loaded trunk falling down a flight of stairs like choir birds” by Shari Crane Fox,
Portland, OR

2nd Place: “Assemblage. The Anthropocene” by Michael G. Smith, Santa Fe, NM

3rd Place: “Impending Water Shortage: Facts & Incantations” by Khadija Anderson, Altadena, CA

1st Honorable Mention: “I Promise to Keep These Promises” by Jennifer Dorner, Klamath Falls, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Anthem for the Anthropocene” by Alida Rol, Eugene, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Ode to the Worst Air Quality in Two Decades” by Hillary Tully,
Eugene, OR