Durable Goods: Appreciations of Oregon Poets

The wonderful Erik Muller has written, and the wonderful Ce Rosenow (Mountains and River Press) has just published Durable Goods, Appreciations of Oregon Poets, a volume containing Erik’s essays about and poetry folios by six Oregon poets: Richard Dankleff, Barbara Drake, Kenneth O. Hanson, Clemens Starck, Lex Runciman, and Paulann Petersen.


Please take a look at this web site for details, and consider ordering a copy for your personal library. Please urge your public library to have a copy available for library users.

Allan Peterson publications

Allan Peterson’s “Other Than They Seem,” winner of the Snowbound Chapbook Prize from Tupelo Press, was published Nov. 1, 2016. Available from Tupelo, Amazon and your local independent bookstore

Peterson’s work is also included in “The Poem is You, 60 Contemporary American Poets and how to Read Them” by Stephen Burt (Harvard Univ. Press)