The Me-an-der-thal Man Diaries

I have a self published 50 page book of poetry available on Amazon in e-book or hard cover. I am a Wyoming transplant, via California, to this heavenly state called Oregon. My writing includes free verse, traditional, prose and other styles.
There is whimsical, political, nature and even one for Veterans. Because I am one. I guarantee some amount of enjoyment here!

Nancy Christopherson

Nancy Christopherson’s recent poems published or forthcoming:
“A Brighter Light” forthcoming in BARNSTORM JOURNAL (February 16, 2018), online at
“Water as Much as Anything,” “Greater Good,” “At the Human Test Site,” and “Migrants Immigrants Welcome” forthcoming in the Oregon poets anthology MOMENTS BEFORE MIDNIGHT by Bob Hill Publishing, LLC, edited by Amalie Hill. Expected release early 2018.
“Veil Nebula” published in the anthology WEAVING THE TERRAIN: 100-WORD SOUTHWESTERN POEMS by Dos Gatos Press, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and via
“Instructions for Balance” published in RAVEN CHRONICLES JOURNAL, VOLUME 25, BALANCING ACTS, available on Amazon and via