Oregon Poet Wins Award – Is set to Judge International Contest

Oregon Poet Adam Levon Brown has won the 2019 Blue Nib Chapbook Award. Out of nearly 450 entries, his chapbook, “Incidents” placed first. As well as the award, Brown was allotted 500 Euros as his prize.

In the same week, Brown was named the judge of the 2019 Into the Void Magazine Poetry Prize Contest. The contest opens on November 1st internationally.

Carolyn Martin Launches a New Collection

Carolyn Martin is happy to announce the launch of her latest poetry collection, A Penchant for Masquerades (Unsolicited Press, 2019).

Celebrate with her at

The Milwaukie Poetry Series
March 13, 2019
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The Ledding Library Pond House
2215 SE Harrison Street
Milwaukie, OR

From the universal to the personal, the formal to the experimental, this collection takes an unflinching look at the fluidity of truth, time, identity, history, death, and relationships.

Klonopin Meets Sisyphus – New Chapbook by Adam Levon Brown

The Oregon Poet, Adam Levon Brown, is having a chapbook of poems being published by Weasel Press (Texas) titled, “Klonopin Meets Sisyphus”

You can stay up to date with the book by visiting https://AdamLevonBrown.com

“Adam Levon Brown’s new book Klonopin Meets Sisyphus is an amazing display of true vulnerability. Brown, who I consider to be the fastest growing poet, talent-wise, in the entire literary world, speaks of various struggles throughout his life.

The title perfectly encapsulates what Brown does in this book–a feat often attempted but rarely pulled off with such acumen. From lost first loves to confronting the fact that he has been too humble toward other people in his life, this book scrutinizes both the aspects of mental illness (Klonopin) and the fact that Brown feels he is eternally trying to reach an inner peace only to have to start all over again (Sisyphus).

This is a stage to page book for the ages. The book’s main theme may be vulnerability but there are occasional redemptive moments such as in the poem “Cigarettes and Anxiety” in which Brown utters “I will beat these addictions and conquer these fears.”

Overall, I think this is Brown’s best book yet, as he peels back the layers of viscera and reveals his heart to the world. Brown is a poet I’ve been watching since his very first book and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next.”

– Heath Brougher
2018 Poet of the Year – Taj Mahal Review
Head Poetry Editor
Into the Void Magazine