Posted April 15, 2017.

Call for Poems: Current Political Situation

May 20, 2017 all-day America/Los Angeles Timezone
Bob Hill Publishing
Bob Hill

We are calling for Oregon poets to submit their work to Bob Hill
Publishing, Inc. for be considered for inclusion in a collection of poetry.
All profits after publisher’s expenses are met, will be donated to benefit
the work of the ACLU.
The subject will be your reaction to the current political climate, bigotry,
climate change or other recent events that impact people in general, and
Oregonians in particular.
Please keep your poem under three pages. Please be careful about your
language, as we prefer that you not use x-rated words. While we honor
your right of free speech, be aware that any profanity used must be
necessary to the message of the poem. Otherwise, we will look for your
passion and concern. Number the pages and put your name on every
page. Poems must be typed, single-spaced is fine. One poem per page,
one column per page. Use a 12-point font New Times Roman or
Helvetica, no fancy fonts, please.
This will be a print volume available at independent bookstores in OR. If
your poem is included in the volume, you will receive a complimentary
copy of the book.
Your poem will considered on its merits by a team of judges, chosen by
the publisher.
We look forward to receiving your poetry. All work will be considered.
Deadline: May 20, 2017
Send your poems to
Bob Hill Publishing, Inc.

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