Posted September 7, 2017.

The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy

September 10, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Powell's on Hawthorne
Poweli's Books Building in Portland
OR, USA, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

On Sunday, September 10th, at 4 pm, at Powell’s on Hawthorne, John Brehm has invited Andrea Hollander and Paulann Petersen to help him introduce his marvelous anthology, The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy.

This book is causing a bit of a stir in our literary community, and for good reason. John has shaped the collection beautifully, beginning it with his eloquent introduction, and ending it with a compelling essay on mindful reading.

Here’s a description of the book with a comment from Ellen Bass:
The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy offers a wide-ranging collection of 129 ancient and modern poems unlike any other anthology on bookshelves today. It uniquely places Buddhist poets like Han Shan, Tu Fu, Saigyo, Ryokan, Basho, Issa, and others alongside modern Western poets one would not expect to find in such a collection—poets like Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Philip Larkin, Frank O’Hara, Denise Levertov, Yusef Komunyakaa, Billy Collins, and many more. What these poems have in common, no matter whether they are explicitly Buddhist, is that all reflect the essential truths the Buddha articulated 2,500 years ago.
“In his clear and elegant introduction, John Brehm writes that he hopes these poems will come to be spiritual friends—and that seems to me a wonderful way to meet them… Each time you read one of these poems, a path opens to seeing more precisely, feeling more deeply.”—Ellen Bass
Please join us that afternoon to hear us read some the anthology’s poems.
Sunday, September 10th
beginning at 4 pm
Powell’s on Hawthorne

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