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  • Posted: March 14, 2016

    New in 2016 – The ‘Constellation of Extinct Stars, and Other Poems’

    Dear Fellow Oregon Poets,

    I hope this note finds you well. I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book, ‘The Constellation of Extinct Stars, and Other Poems,’ from Salmon Poetry of Ireland. (Links are provided at the end of this note.)

    Constellation was a four-year project, during which time I had the privilege of serving as an artist-in-residence at Playa at Summer Lake, in the high desert of south-central Oregon. The poems in this collection reflect on that experience, traversing a century of high desert history, human geography, and mythology, among other topics and contemporary themes.

    I look forward to sharing this book with you. Here are some of the comments it has received:

    “In this book… Siegel’s imagination honors history, invents history, and makes history matter, gives it important work to do.”

    —KIM STAFFORD, Oregon Book Award Winner, 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared

    “With grace, skill, and compassion, Scot Siegel’s poems create a specificity of time and place that rises above the specific.”

    —PENELOPE SCAMBLY SCHOTT, Oregon Book Award Winner, A is for Anne: Mistress Hutchinson Disturbs the Commonwealth

    “Scot Siegel’s poetry is precise, elliptical, vernacular, dramatic, anchored in narrative and—most important of all!—understandable…”

    —KEVIN STARR, California State Librarian Emeritus & Professor of History, and Policy, Planning, and Development, University of Southern California

    Please consider picking up a copy of my book; as, you know, it takes a village… Reading dates in Oregon and Washington will be announced soon.

    Thank you,
    Scot Siegel

    SALMON POETRY, located at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland, publishes writers from the UK and America, and is funded in part by the Arts Council of Ireland. The press was named a Finalist in the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) 2015 Small Press Publisher Award 2015.
    The Constellation of Extinct Stars’, and Other Poems

  • Posted: March 13, 2016

    The Poetry Box’s “The Poeming Pigeon: Doobie or Not Doobie” Coming Soon!

    Shawn Aveningo of The Poetry Box is proud to announce the upcoming release of the latest issue of The Poeming Pigeon: Doobie or Not Doobie, just in time for the Oregon’s first ‘legal’ 4/20!

    The Poeming Pigeon: A Journal of Poetry and Prose
    Vol 2, Issue 1 — Doobie or Not Doobie?
    ISBN: 978-0-9863304-83
    $12.00 (pre-order price through March 31, 2016)
    Publisher: The Poetry Box®
    Release Date: 4/20/2016

    Doobie or Not Doobie? The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is a hot topic facing America and other countries across the globe. Homer examines this controversial issue through an international curated collection of poems and stories. You’ll enjoy tales of hilarious first encounters with the herb, gratitude for the escape from physical pain, fellowship in passing the spliff and learn why some prefer not to partake in the “madness.” So, light up (or not) and enjoy!

    Contributing Poets and Writers Around the Globe Include:

    Adrian Ernesto Cepeda • Alec Solomita • Angi Holden • Art Goodtimes • Barbara Ruth • Bill Gainer • Brad G. Garber • Brandyn Johnson • Burky Achilles • Carl “Papa” Palmer • Carolyn Smuts • Casey Bush • Catfish McDaris • Cathy Bryant • Chella Courington • Christopher Luna • D. Russel Micnhimer • David Belmont • Devin Taylor • Doug Draime • Eileen Malone • Eric Silvera • Halee Kirkwood • Helen Sparrow • Jade Ware • Jake Grieco • Jane James • Jayne Martin • Jennifer Pratt-Walter • Jill Hawkins • Jim Fulcomer • John Lambremont, Sr. • John Smistad • Judith Skillman • Karen Jane Cannon • Karen Robiscoe • Karla Linn Merrifield • Katy Brown • Kerry A. Bennett • Kristin Roedell • Leah Mueller • Leona Phillips • LOB • Lori Loranger • Lydia Flores • Marilyn Stablein • Marj Hahne • Mercedes Webb-Pullman • Michael Berton • Nathan Tompkins • Paco Marquez • Pattie Palmer-Baker • Peter D. Goodwin • Phoebe Levija • Rachael Clyne • Rebecca Bilkau • Richard Bannerman • S. K. Kelen • Sarah White • Scott Thomas Outlar • Shawn Aveningo • Sigrun Susan Lane • SM • Spurs Broken • Teresa Zemaitis • Tiffany Burba-Schramm • Tim Kahl • Tricia Knoll • Wayne Lee • William Doreski

    We’re currently accepting discount pre-release orders online at:

  • Posted: March 1, 2016

    Nancy Flynn Upcoming Publication News

    Anchor & Plume of Baton Rouge, Louisiana will be releasing Nancy Flynn’s Great Hunger as their first-ever “pocket book” on St. Patrick’s Day 2016.

    About Great Hunger:

    Great Hunger is a multi-part poem investigating the intersection of landscape and place as it relates to one ecological and humanitarian disaster, the mid-19th century Irish potato famine. It begins with a visit to the Irish Hunger Memorial in Lower Manhattan, mere blocks from the World Trade Center site. The poem then muses its way through varieties of the very potato itself as well as a “found poem” made up of historical texts and fragments that described the disaster. The history of Flynn’s Irish forebears figures in along with the potato’s role as a potentially vulnerable staple crop in the country of Rwanda, itself wracked by a genocide of unimaginable scale and barbarity barely two decades back.

    Advance praise for Great Hunger:

    Written with a fierce and lyrical intelligence and bristling with the sights, sounds, and textures of inescapable human suffering, Nancy Flynn’s Great Hunger is an unflinching sequence of poems on the Irish potato famine that killed over a million people from 1845-1851. Moving from the Irish Hunger Monument in New York City to her own Irish ancestors, Flynn brings a vivid, empathic imagination to this tragic period and in doing so holds a mirror up to our own feast-and-famine era.

    —John Brehm, author of Help Is on the Way

    From the opening lines of Great Hunger, Nancy Flynn startles us to grief and attention as she tallies the tragedies of the mid-nineteenth century potato famine in which Ireland lost a quarter of its population to starvation, disease, and immigration. With a keen ear and an open heart, Flynn drags us to ground level—proximate to rotting tubers and hastily closed graves—yet she does not let us look away from the callousness of the powerful, making us glance nervously about, wondering what atrocity we are just now deciding to overlook.

    —Wendy Willis, author of Blood Sisters of the Republic

    Flynn recently answered a few questions for Anchor & Plume editor, Amanda Mays, and you can find that interview here:

  • Posted: November 24, 2015

    Tricia Knoll’s poetry collection Ocean’s Laughter is now available.

    Ocean’s Laughter is a collection of lyric and eco-poetry about Knoll’s 25 years in Manzanita, Oregon. Pre-publication reviews of the book by Naomi Shihab Nye, Robert Michael Pyle, and Bill Siverly are online at .

  • Posted: November 16, 2015

    Reverberations from Fukushima, Award-winning Finalist

    Reverberations from Fukushima: 50 Japanese Poets Speak Out, edited by Leah Stenson and Asao Sarukawa Aroldi (Inkwater Press, 2014) is an award-winning finalist in the Social Change category of the 2015 USA Book Awards.

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