Posted August 3, 2015.

Oregon Poetry Association Annual Conference 2015

Oregon Poetry Association Annual Conference 2015
“Poetry in Oregon”



Download (PDF, 284KB)

Registrations to:
Tiel Aisha Ansari
1724 NE Prescott
Portland OR 97211

Dates: October 2nd (Friday evening) through 4th (Sunday morning)

Event Venue:

University Place Hotel
310 SW Lincoln St. Portland


$55.00 registration (including lunch Saturday) for members postmark on or before September 15th
$65.00 registration (including lunch Saturday) non-members or members after September 15th

$40.00 student registration (K-12 or college)

The Oregon Poetry Association announces its annual conference, October 2nd -4th, at the University Place Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Events include two open mics, an exciting two-track lineup of workshops, panels, and other presentations, our general membership meeting, a raffle, and a critique/writing group networking session. Judith Barrington headlines as keynote speaker.

Workshops, Panels, Presentations (Tentative)

Willa Schneberg, Lois Rosen, Sharon Munson: Poetry of the Jewish Experience

Vargus Pike: Informing Your Work through Annotation

Eleanor Berry: Transformation through Collaboration

Jon Sibley Williams: Universalizing the Intimate

Steve Jones, Ann Staley, Jerri Otto: Coaching and Writing Poems with Students

Trevino Brings-Plenty: Video Poems

Jan Cedras Ayers: Poemoir

Sallie Ehrman: Cut-up Poetry

Dori Appel: The Living Newspaper

PANEL: Poetry Reading Series

Rachel Barton: Mentor Poems as Prompts

Tim Sproul: Newported

Stephanie Glazier: How Poets Witness War

Elizebett Eslinger: Write Around Portland

Cathy McGuire: Le Mot Juste

Judith Pulman: Introduction to the Elegy

Gail Denham: Humorous Poetry

Joan Maiers: Writing Truth to Power

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3 thoughts on “Oregon Poetry Association Annual Conference 2015

  1. Really? $55 or $65 dollars? Why, Why does it have to cost so much? Why on Earth can you not find a free place and charge $5 and ask people to bring their own refreshments. Couldn’t you find a church, a private place, a library or city facility or a business willing to give space in order to open the venue to those of us who would love to attend but simply cannot? Is poetry just a hobby for the rich, like gardening roses? Think of all the people who could have been there if the event was even $20, pay at the door. What a disappointment this is……. Sheesh.

  2. When you consider that the Willamette Writers Conference cost $200. a day, this is quite a bargain. However, they did offer scholarships if you volunteer. Maybe OPA would do the same?

  3. I don’t quite understand how this works. Do you get lodging and food included with the registration? Because I’m coming from Oregon and I can’t be there everyday unless said… Someone please help.

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