Poet’s Spotlight Excerpts

  • 2018 Fall Contest, Theme – Harvest, 1st Place Winner

    the mountain in the evening
    by Brad Canfield

    my grandfather had a black mountain and he picked asparagus in his garden just in front of the mountain he pulled each stalk from the dirt with his thick dirty fingers and dropped it gently into an old coffee can shunk. shunk. shunk. each stalk was a like ...

  • 2018 Fall Contest, Theme – Harvest, 2nd Place Winner

    by Joshua Boettiger

    I figured I was
    a forever henchmen,
    slinging clay one
    handful at a time
    from an endless
    bank of red earth.

    But now, look—
    it’s late Fall and
    I got pockets
    lined with loot.
    I’m thick in the
    right places.
    The trimmers
    are back in town
    with their sticky
    fingers and dull eyes.

  • 2018 Fall Contest, Theme – Harvest, 3rd Place Winner

    Living Room, Circa 1965
    by Colette Jonopulos

    Gold drapes laced with nicotine. Mother
    says smoking keeps her hands busy. Father
    knocks the burning end of his cigarette
    into the ashtray I made in school. Clay
    animal head and tail, hollowed-out
    body filled with spent ashes.

    Doorbell rings, all our sins are gathered
    and stored in the kitchen. ...

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