Poet’s Spotlight Excerpts

  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 1st Place, New Poets


    by Welkin Azure


    This time she sits quietly and observes them all at march.

    Step-falls a creaking drum, arms swishing become as tongue,

    the movement and the gathering bring closer the arrived.

    A resembling that there was and that which takes its place.

    She giggles now, filling us with want,

    desire for the more of this for which we have forgot.

    There ...

  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 2nd Place, New Poets

    the cherries were ripe

    by Linda Golaszewski


    the cherries were ripe

    near a lake

    big enough to be touched by tides.

    Cherries bent low, full

    no one else had picked

    them no one knows ripeness


    how red the fruit

    can get when dead ready

    to be picked, the kids

    scattered to free the branches

    from their harvest. Pie cherries

    ready for their next incarnation

    sour with a bitter pit

    sour ...

  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 3rd Place, New Poets

    Crow Proprietors

    by Judy Richardson


    Before eight in the morning

    there is only myself in the park

    and a dozen crows near the trail,

    another thirty or so in the distance.

    I like how sometimes a group

    of them will burst like benign buckshot

    from one tree to another, at last

    settling in tiers on an oak, then

    making a racket; how they will drop

    to ...

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