Poet’s Spotlight Excerpts

  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 1st Place, Theme–Borders and Boundaries

    Cross-Country Bus

    by Charlotte Abernathy


    Miles beyond midnight, beyond another state line,

    past service station signs glaring from high pylons,

    beyond remnants of a weary town, one last overhead

    reading light clicks off. In the dark, drowsy voices

    merge with the droning motor, the roaring tires.

    Cold window glass rumbles hard against my forehead

    as I watch moonlit hills rise and fall like ...

  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 2nd Place, Theme–Borders and Boundaries

    Muggins Discovers His New Boundaries

    by Dave Harvey


    Full of years when we moved here,

    he took to the back yard

    like an old soldier,

    patrolled his post,

    lolled in the summer sun

    (working on his kitty-tan).


    Then a foreign cat came in,

    and Muggins,

    deep-dyed chauvinist

    about foreign cats,

    launched a silent assault,

    charged at that strange cat,

    which turned and ran—

    knowing he was on alien land.


    In a ...

  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 3rd Place, Theme–Borders and Boundaries

    Something There Is

    by Kim Hamilton


    They plead latitude

    document 13

    article A

    hand the map of scars



    folded in your lap

    at crossing

    the green skin


    was a prayer

    you made with your feet

    and stayed there.




    Judge’s comments

    I was drawn to the category, Borders and Boundaries, because it is a subject that I ponder often and I ...

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