Poet’s Spotlight Excerpts

  • 2019 Fall Contest Winner: 1st Place, Poet’s Choice

    Poet bio

    Danielle Stricklin has been writing poetry since the fifth grade,
    when her teacher praised her use of metaphor in a creative writing assignment
    describing the word “greed.” She ...

  • 2019 Fall Contest Winner: 2nd Place, Poet’s Choice

    Original Face

    by Michael Selker

    When our friend turned
    sixty she wanted

    a new life, wanted to
    tuck up and tighten,

    wanted to get rid of
    those lines

    When people and things
    fell apart in her life

    My Selfie Poem

    by Cynthia Jacobi

    I have middle aged children

    I wonder at their infant survival under my care

          and wish I could do it

    My thoughts skip and pause

          as ...

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