Poet’s Spotlight Excerpts

  • Pat Banta: In Memoriam

    It’s our sad duty to announce that former OPA president, board member, and poet Pat Banta passed away in March of this year.

    Patricia Banta was born on December 31, 1924 in Los Angeles, CA, the only child of Ernest G and Deloris (Éclair) Henry.  She died March 25, 2016 in Roseburg.

    She attended school at U.C.L.A ...

  • Featured OPA Contest Winner: Amy S. O’Hearn


    were meant to climb over and woods dense with underbrush and muck our domain. We hacked through prickly bushes, trampled long grass, collected burrs on our clothes and in our hair, clear cut canopies to lay bare the soft earth, and sat for hours stripping bark to carve the skin that lay beneath. When that ...

  • Featured OPA Contest Winner: Penny Hetherington

    Snow on Western Hemlock Forest

    A corps de ballet, wearing
    Yesterday’s snowfall, branches
    Sway, curving down,
    Fingers dripping icy water
    Under bright mid-day sun,
    Heads tilted on drooping
    Necks; they dance more
    Slowly in dawn mist and
    With abandon in moonlight.


    Penny Hetherington: One late April day driving past a Western Hemlock grove on Mount Hood, I ...

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