Poet’s Spotlight Excerpts

  • An Interview with Carl Adamshick, Publisher of Tavern Books

    “A man said no person is educated who knows/only one language, for he cannot distinguish/between his thought and the English version,” Jack Gilbert wrote in “Foraging for Wood on the Mountain.”  But it is nearly inescapable for Americans to be monolingual, as our country is isolated by two oceans from most other languages.  If we ...

  • 2107 Fall Contest New Poets: Honorable Mentions and Judge’s Comments

    Honorable mentions:

    1st Honorable Mention: “Memorial Day” by Joanna Rose, Portland, OR

    2nd Honorable Mention: “Fostering a Better World” by Jennifer Rood, Grants Pass, OR

    3rd Honorable Mention: “After Midnight” by Stephanie Striffler, Portland, OR



    Judge’s comments

    I thought a lot about meaning as I read these poems. I thought about how language creates meaning, how humans create language, ...

  • 2017 Fall Contest Winner: 3rd Place, New Poets

    I Went to School Today


    Salvador Dali was instructing, painfully, the concept

    of relativity. “Everything is relative to something else…

    this chair is relative to that corner. And the corner is relative

    to the clock on the wall as well as the room down that hall.”

    Einstein was sweeping up after the children’s lunch in the cafeteria.

    The chemistry lab had ...

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