Books Needing Reviews

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Books Needing Reviewers
Deborah Akers – partly fallen
Susan Kay Anderson – Mezzanine
Eleanor Berry – No Constant Hues
Adam Brown – Break: Poems on Mental Illness

Cathy Cain – Bee Dance

Nancy Christopherson – The Leaf

Margaret Chula – Shadow Man

Don Colburn – Mortality, with Pronoun Shifts
T.L. Cooper – Vulnerability in Silhouette
Nancy Flynn – Great Hunger
John Haislip – Seal Rock
Laura LeHew – Becoming

Sherri Levine – In These Voices
Shirley Plummer – The Task of Falling Rain

Shawn Aveningo Sanders – What She Was Wearing

Penelope Scambly Schott – November Quilt

Curtis Shoemake – Tuff Row to Hoe
Anita Sullivan – And if the Dead Do Dream
Christopher M. Wicks – 365 Sonnets