Successful Student Poems: Kindergarten through Second Grade

Poems featured on this page also appeared in the 2016 volume of Cascadia, OPA’s student poetry journal.

On the Baja

My name is Marin Raen
I love to swim all day

Here I am on the Baja
Going with the flow-ha

The sea is blue, the sand is tan,
The plants are green, the waves are white
But all the boats are out of sight!

Marin Horlacher

Dundee Elementary School, Dundee: Second Grade
Sandra Crosland, Teacher

Sisters for Life

The outfits of dress up
The telling of stories
Having a sister
Is one of life’s glories

The building of forts
The I’m sorrys with love
Tickling at bedtime with
Snuggles and hugs

The performing of dances
Bike rides outside
Bright red lipstick
Going outside the lines

Sisters are best friends
That you can have for life
This is true because I am one
I’m not telling a lie

Kaselyn Pothoff

Ewing Young Elementary School, Newberg: Second Grade
Jennifer Schneider, Teacher