OPA Executive Board

President: Tiel Aisha Ansari
Vice-President: Lisa Baldwin
Secretary: Joy McDowell
At Large: Dick Cameron
At Large: Susan Clayton-Goldner
At Large: Penina Taesali
At Large: Shirley Marc
At Large: Lynn Otto
At Large: vacant

OPA Special Positions:

Membership Chair: Susan Clayton-Goldner
Student Contest Co-Chairs: Tiel Aisha Ansari, Lisa Baldwin
Adult Contest Chair: Joan Dobbie
Newsletter Editor: Kathy Pyle
Web Master: Katie Eberhart
Book Review Editor: Carolyn Martin

Board Minutes

OPA Board Member Responsibilities

  • The Board consists of five officers and four at-large members. Officers have specific duties (see WHO WE ARE, scroll down to Constitution Article V and VI). At-large members have no specified duties beyond attending meetings.
  • However, OPA has no paid staff. The Board is a working board. Board members should be prepared to take on some volunteer work above and beyond attending meetings. This may consist of one-time projects or tasks, periodically recurring tasks, or ongoing responsibilities.
  • Board members are elected by the OPA general membership at the annual general membership meeting, held during the annual conference. They serve a three-year term, and may choose to run for the Board as often as they wish.
  • Board officer terms are for one year. An officer completing her or his term may continue as a member at large, and vice versa.
  • Board members should be prepared to attend monthly meetings. Most meetings are by conference call (monthly, Sat or Sun, up to 3 hours) on a toll-free number.
  • Business will also be done by email between meetings (sometimes just discussion, other times motions and votes).
  • Currently we hold two face to face meetings per year including an annual board retreat. Location is determined by member needs, and has most often been Eugene.
  • Officer elections are face to face and usually occur in the meeting the month after the general membership meeting. We are exploring holding this meeting at the conference, to reduce the need for board members to travel.
  • Board meeting minutes are public documents, and will be made available to general membership. As much as possible, board member names will not be used.
  • Board members cannot enter OPA contests.
  • Board members need not be OPA members at time of election, but must become members if elected.

Benefits of Being a Board Member

  • Opportunity for public service
  • Gain experience working for an arts non-profit
  • Develop professional contacts throughout the literary arts community
  • Support and promote poetry and other literary arts statewide

Many important OPA roles can be filled either by board members, or by non-board members who volunteer. These include:

  •           adult contest chair
  •           student contest chair
  •           membership chair
  •           Verseweavers editor
  •           newsletter editor
  •           Facebook editor
  •           webmaster
  •           book review editor
  •           grant writer
  •           conference coordinator/coordinating committee
  •           volunteer coordinator

For detailed descriptions of any of the above roles, please contact the President using the email contact form at the top of this page, or by mail at: PO Box 14582 Portland OR 97293


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