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Cabin 135, A Memoir of Alaska by Katie Eberhart

Katie Eberhart
Cabin 135, A Memoir of Alaska
University of Alaska Press, 2020
Purchase book: https://www.alaska.edu/uapress/browse/detail/index.xml?id=606
Author website: http://katieeberhart.com
"Katie Eberhart’s well-constructed memoir reminds me of my favorite kind of house, an old house that’s been added onto over the years, a bedroom here, a family room there, each addition reflecting the style and available materials of the period as well as the eccentricities of the owners, while maintaining an overall harmony. A house still cared-for, still full of life. As with this lovely book, when you step inside, you feel immediately at home." —Charles Goodrich, writer, poet. Former director of the Oregon State University’s Spring Creek Project

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