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Submissions Open for The Poeming Pigeon @ via Submittable
Oct 15 – Dec 15 all-day


Due to 2020 spinning completely out of control, we decided to memorialize-in-print the great poetry that is being written about the issues that have occupied our minds and our hearts this year. We are looking for poetry about the COVID-19 Pandemic, Black Lives Matters Protests, Presidential Election, Fires, Hurricanes, Murder Hornets, and everything in-between. We welcome all voices and styles of poetry written in response to these issues, including how we cope and find hope. If hindsight really is 20/20, then let this issue serve as an important reminder of what truly happened…before history becomes altered or white-washed as it has so many times before.

Submissions Open: Oct 15 – Dec 15, 2020

This issue scheduled for release in Fall 2021.

Workshop – Poetry of Place: Letting the Landscape Tell Your Story @ Zoom
Dec 16 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

To register, email

In this intensive generative workshop, we will discuss how natural and constructed landscapes affect our identities and shape our writing. More than “nature poetry” in its traditional sense, we will study how the outside world can be used as a metaphor for relationships, our internal lives, and human connectiveness, investigating empathy, mood, line breaks, evocative language, and other elements.

We will analyze diverse poems from contemporary poets that successfully employ place as metaphors, followed by hands-on writing activities, prompts, and plenty of in-class writing time.

{Workshop} The Heartfelt & Heartbroken: Writing Evocative Love Poems @ Zoom
Jan 27 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

To register, email

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Is there someone in your life, present or past (even future) that you’d like to write a poem for?

In this intensive generative workshop, we will explore the many facets of writing “love poetry”, from the ecstatic to the melancholic, from discovering that intimate connection to finding uniquely evocative ways of expressing that connection through poetry. We will study how best to show true emotion without leaning too heavily into sentimentality, as well exploring poems that deal with loss of a loved one.

We will analyze diverse poems from contemporary poets, followed by hands-on writing activities, prompts, and plenty of in-class writing time.