Eugene-Springfield Unit News

On Tuesday, October 22, the Eugene-Springfield chapter of OPA presented poets Karen Holmberg, Frank Rossini and Amanda Powell as part of their Arts, Culture and Education Series at the Springfield Library.

It was an absolutely wonderful reading, and as always, we were warmly welcomed by the Springfield Library.

Reported by Cathy McGuire (for Sharon Munson)

Marys Peak Unit News

Marys Peak Poets meet the last Sunday of the month for critiquing.  We do plan events supported by individuals attending.  We average 8-12 poets.  We meet at Linda Smith’s from 7-9.  Everyone is welcome.

In September members helped judge the Fall Festival Youth Contest and read at the open mic reading of young and older poets.  In October Be Davison Herrera worked with other organizations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Van Buren Bridge with an open mic.

Several Corvallis poets attended the fall OPA conference in Forest Grove.

Reported by Linda Varsell Smith

Rogue Valley OPA Unit Workshop

OPA’s Rogue Valley unit has held a super workshop! Dave Harvey, former teacher of many years, now poet, OPA secretary, and facilitator of the Downtowners (the monthly open mic in Talent),  informed, inspired, and entertained Saturday afternoon Nov. 9 at the Medford Library. Dave is also an incomparable singer/guitar player. The topic of the workshop was the ballad, and so participants got to hear some memorable ballads as well as to learn how to write this form.

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