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Hope of Stones by Anna Elkins

Anna Elkins
Hope of Stones
Press 53, 2020
Purchase book: https://www.press53.com/anna-elkins
Author website: https://www.annaelkins.com
What might a 16th-century Spanish nun and an 18th-century French architect have in common? Saint Teresa of Ávila and Charles-Axel Guillaumot both left behind a mostly invisible legacy. Hers was a vision of the interior castle of the spirit within us. His was to save Paris from collapsing back into the quarries beneath it by building a support city belowground. Today, we can read of the realm The Nun built with her words, and we can visit a fraction of the realm The Architect built beneath Paris. Hope of Stones invites you into a cross-century conversation among The Nun, The Architect, and The Poet that explores the desire to create and connect across time and other unseen things.

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