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We love hearing about, passing on news about, and reading about our OPA members having poems published in literary journals, in zines, on web sites, and as a consequence of winning a contest. Please let us know where we can find your most recent publications, and use this page as a guide to the publications where OPA member’s poems appear!

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 OPA Member News

  • New poems coming from J.V. Foerster

    June 25, 2022New poems coming from J.V. Foerster

    J.V. Foerster has poems forthcoming in Quartet Journal and Cirque.

  • Amy Baskin’s first chapbook is now available

    May 17, 2022Amy Baskin's first chapbook is now available

    Hysterical Cake, Amy Baskin’s first chapbook, was published by Dancing Girl Press in late December of 2021, and really hit the shelves only recently. Amy was a guest reader in February at Literary Arts during One Page Wednesday, and in March on Dan Raphael’s KBOO radio poetry program Talking Earth, alongside Lex Runciman and Kristin Berger. To purchase a copy of her chapbooks, please visit:

    Amy Baskin’s work is currently featured in /pãn | dé | mïk / 2020: An Anthology of Pandemic Poems by OPA Members, Kai Coggin’s Wednesday Night Poetry, Pirene’s Fountain, Friends Journal, and is forthcoming in The Timberline Review. She is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, an Oregon Literary Arts Fellow, and an Oregon Poetry Association prize winner. When not writing, she helps run literary arts programs including Fir Acres Writing Workshop at Lewis & Clark College. She is the author of one chapbook: Hysterical Cake (Dancing Girl Press, 2021), and her collection Night Hag (Unsolicited Press) will be born in April 2023.

    For artist interviews, readings, and chapbook purchases, please contact Amy at [email protected], on Twitter at @amybaskin, or on Facebook and Instagram at @amybaskinwrites.

  • Ars Poetica presents Bruce Parker on May 21st

    May 17, 2022Ars Poetica presents Bruce Parker on May 21st

    Ars Poetica presents BRUCE PARKER reading from his recently published chapbook, Ramadan in Summer, Saturday,  May 21 from 7:00 pm PDT at Salon Argyle,
    2530 N. Argyle Street, Portland, OR 97217. 
    This is a free event, with open mic to follow.  BYOB (Bring Your Own Books to sell).

  • J.V. Foerster has new poems out

    May 17, 2022J.V. Foerster has new poems out

    J.V. Foerster has a poem in the current issue of The Bluebird Word, and two poems in The Fiery Scribe, forthcoming in Orchard Lea Anthology and The Amethyst Review.

    J.V. Foerster is a Pushcart-nominated poet. Her work has appeared in many literary magazines including The Bluebird Word, Eclectica, Agnieszka’s Dowry, Red River Review, Midnight Mind, Premiere Generation Ink, Fickle Muse, Oak Bend Review, Fox Chase Review, and The Fiery Scribe, to name just a few. She has work forthcoming in Orchard Lea Anthology and Amethyst Review. She is a finalist in the Oprelle “Into Pieces” Poetry contest. Her work was included in a Rosemont College Anthology.
    She is also a published painter and photographer.
    J.V. lives in Portland, Oregon.

  • Beth Bonness’s chapbook is available from The Poetry Box

    May 17, 2022Beth Bonness's chapbook is available from The Poetry Box

    Beth Bonness’s chapbook “Transition Thunderstorms” was released by The Poetry Box on April 15th. The chapbook is “A collection of poems from inside the mind of someone having a series of unexplained strokes and other life events soaking you to the bone.” To purchase a copy, go to

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