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Nightfall by Bill Siverly

Bill Siverly
Windfall Press, 2018
Purchase book: www.windfalljournal.com
Author website:
Bill Siverly’s Nightfall is his sixth book of poetry. Two thirds of Nightfall includes poems set in the Pacific Northwest, some from Idaho, where Bill grew up, and some from Oregon, where he presently lives. The remaining third consists of poems set in the German city of Görlitz and its environs, which extend into Poland. In the spring and summer of 2016, Bill and Jutta Donath lived three months in Görlitz, the city where Jutta spent her early childhood. Bill’s poems reflect the complex history and present reality of life in that easternmost city in Germany. The poems follow themes of personal aging reflecting decline in the American Empire and climate change. Yet, in the midst of such sober themes, the poems find hope in the poet’s garden, engaging with family, and learning to dwell on the earth.

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