OPA Members Recognized in NFSPS Contests


The following OPA members were recently recognized for their poetry in the 2021 NFSPS (National Federation of State Poetry Societies) contests. First, second, and third place winners will receive prize money and have their poems published in Encore, the NFSPS Journal. We celebrate your success(es) along with you. Congratulations to all!

Susan Morse (Salem, OR)
1st place, The New York Poetry Forum Award

Dave Harvey (Talent, OR)
2nd place, Ohio Award

Joy McDowell (Springfield, OR)
3rd place, The Robbie Award
2nd HM, San Antonio Poets Association
7th HM Poetry Society of Indiana Award

Pepper Trail (Ashland, OR)
3rd place, Jesse Stuart Memorial Award

Lisa Baldwin (Grants Pass, OR)
1st HM, Donald Stodghill Memorial Award
1st HM, Save Our Earth Award
3rd HM, William Stafford Memorial Award

Jenna Funkhouser (Portland, OR)
4th HM Poetry Society of Indiana Award

Barbara Blanks (Garland, TX)
1st Place: Alice Makenzie Swaim Memorial Award
3rd Place: Poetry Society of Tennessee Award
1st HM: Al Laster Memorial Award
2nd HM: Poetry Society of Oklahoma Award
3rd HM: Save Our Earth Award
4th HM: Donald Stodghill Memorial Award
6th HM: Alabama State Society Award
She also served as a judge for the Nevada Poetry Society Award.

OPA members are also members of NFSPS. Visit http://NFSPS.com for more information.

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