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Robert Eastwood
Broadstone Press, 2016
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"Snare" consists of narrative and persona poems that reference historical fact and the experiences of a modern-day boy, ultimately a man, who follows his family to Southern Missouri during the early 1950's. He returns 50 years later to discover there is no trace of what to him was unforgettable. Nineteenth century history threads its way into the mid-twentieth century, in particular, Civil War personalities and relics reappear in various forms and settings in the threatening time of the mid-twentieth century Cold War. The family’s move to Southern Missouri was to escape the possibility of a Soviet nuclear attack on the west coast. Violence, revenge, and their opposites, namely refuge and escape, are the central themes of the manuscript. Cultural signposts appear throughout the poetry, and earmark points in time. Eventually the polarity of refuge and revenge is neutralized by the passage of time, with only memory remaining.

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