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Dianan Morley
Luminare Press, 2020
Purchase book: https://www.luminarepress.com
Author website:
Poems turning the ordinary into the extraordinary through imagery. A collection splashing from present to past, comparing and reflecting, showing how the present holds both past and future. Poems not only for poets, rather, for everyone. "Imagine Whitman caught in a time of wildfires and lockdown, and Dickenson if she really wanted to communicate with people. Splashing is a spirited homage to life on Earth at a tipping point, where all the takings and leavings have forced a reckoning. How Diana Morley embraces the “wild grasses surrendered” to drought as well as the sprouts in the sink, believing “in possibility after all,” is nothing short of stunning. —Christopher McDermott, author and editor, Florida Splashing may be ordered by local bookstores or on Amazon for paperback or Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1643884093

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