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The Catalog of Small Contentments by Carolyn Martin

Carolyn Martin
The Catalog of Small Contentments
The Poetry Box, 2021
Purchase book: https://thepoetrybox.com/taking-pre-orders-for-the-catalog-of-small-contentments?
Author website: https://carolynmartinpoet.com
These delightfully accessible poems sparkle with beauty as they revel in truths inspired by a host of poets, artists, and philosophers from Billy Collins and Mary Oliver to Teilhard de Chardin and Claude Monet; from Virginia Wolf and Maggie Smith to Henry James and Joan Miró. They also draw beautiful truths from the natural world that surrounds the poet. Feral cats, squirrels, Steller’s jays, slugs, moles, and maple trees appear throughout the collection. Even an errant fly and spider earn lessons on how to survive in an unfriendly world. Whether she’s chatting with an antic ant or pondering Monet’s myopia, Martin is committed to the small contentments that fill her days and inhabit these poems.

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