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The Constellation of Extinct Stars, and Other Poems; by Scot Siegel

Scot Siegel
The Constellation of Extinct Stars, and Other Poems
Salmon Poetry, 2016
Purchase book: https://www.salmonpoetry.com/details.php?ID=386&a=211
Author website: http://www.scotsiegel.com
In this book, Scot Siegel’s poems have an ambidextrous quality, ready to pivot deftly from history to imagined history, from biography to prophecy. His is a voice rinsed clear by desert winds, ready to enter any story and make it first person – for the writer, for the reader. He can claim at one point “no pretense…no history, no trajectory...,” and yet his imagination honors history, invents history, and makes history matter, gives it important work to do. You will be disoriented from accustomed ways of thinking, and gain new ways of being: “I want to go down in history and bring back a future worth remembering.” These poems will convey you to resonant places in your new life. —Kim Stafford

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