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The Leaf by Nancy Christopherson

Nancy Christopherson
The Leaf
Nancy Christopherson, 2015
Purchase book: http://www.amazon.com/Leaf-Nancy-Christopherson/dp/0692424334
Author website: http://www.nancychristophersonpoetry.com/
"Keen-eyed and compassionate, The Leaf is a collection worth reading again and again. Nancy Christopherson's observations of the natural world--whales, herons, swifts, deer--are deft and deep, sometimes breathtaking. Her poems about love, her mother's death, forgiveness and redemption reveal a profound awareness of the 'nearly invisible threads' that connect us all. This is a rich pool of poetry, wide-ranging in subject but with a coherent tender voice that is wholly satisfying." --Tina Tau, author of Hardscrabble Road, The Golden Tree, Where the Water Is, and Eating the Foam

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