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The Plurality Of Entrances by Leigh Zaph

Leigh Zaph
The Plurality Of Entrances
Soualiga Press, 2021
Purchase book: www.soualiga-press.com
Author website: www.leighzaph.com
Opening with the epigraph, “What can I make it mean?” from Agon by Harold Bloom, this eclectic collection of poetry asks us to join the author as he explores a wide variety of landscapes, both internal and external. Leigh Zaph, an NYC expat now living on the Oregon coast, draws upon an academic and familial background that includes interests in 20th century literary theory, semiotics, psychoanalysis, philosophical investigation, the environment, and others—with each affecting the voice, style and manner of his work. “If, as Wittgenstein states, “philosophy ought really to be written only as a poetic compression,” it follows poems can offer an effective means of exposing intricacies…Although this collection often exemplifies the familiar, it's interspersed with some denser pieces asking you to participate beyond a mere reading. Navigate your own archive of knowledge, thoughts and images, “see aspects,” “write” your own response, lose this author in the process, use the lexias of which Barthes spoke, find “the plurality of entrances.” —from cover notes. Excerpts from the book can be read at www.leighzaph.com Book can be purchased online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookfinder, Books-A-Million, Alibris, Powell's Books, AbeBooks, Thriftbooks, etc., as well as from select brick and mortar bookstores nationwide.

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