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Tin Coyote

Janice D. Rubin
Tin Coyote
Blue Light Press, 2018
Purchase book: Blue Light Press https://www.facebook.com/BlueLightPress.
Author website:
A poignant journey traversing love, loss, memory and renewal, Tin Coyote is rooted in the inner landscape of the heart as well as the physical landscape of the poet’s beloved Oregon. The Oregon Coast, Warm Springs, Siuslaw River and Lake Paulina, among other iconic destinations at home and abroad, are vividly rendered backdrops to reflections and self-explorations. “Light reflects, refracts/creating space and possibility.” Janice Rubin is a keen observer of self and environment. Leah Stenson, co-editor of Reverberations from Fukushima: 50 Japanese Poets Speak Out (Inkwater Press, 2014), curator of the Studio Reading Series, author of Everywhere I Find Myself (WordTech Communications, 2017)

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