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Turtles All the Way: Poems by Rosemary Douglas Lombard

Rosemary Douglas Lombard
Turtles All the Way: Poems
Finishing Line Press, 2016
Purchase book: https://www.finishinglinepress.com/
Author website: http://ChelonianConnection.blogspot.com
In 2013 the New York Times proclaimed turtles "COLDBLOODED, BUT SURPRISINGLY SMART." These poems echo that proclamation, especially for Lombard's long-time turtle colleagues at the Chelonian Connection lab. We meet a sea turtle lazing above the anemones, a box turtle entranced by the harvest moon or demonstrating her understandings and skills, a pancake tortoise enraged by poachers and dealers who steal him from his African life, and more. Endorsed by Ingrid Wendt, Henry Hughes, Anthony Pfannenstiel, Prof. Shefali Rajamannar, and Robert Michael Pyle.

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