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What She Was Wearing by Shawn Aveningo Sanders

What She Was Wearing
The Poetry Box, 2019
Purchase book: https://thepoetrybox.com/bookstore/what-she-was-wearing
Author website: http://redshoepoet.com
How long can you keep a dark secret before you become completely unraveled? In What She Was Wearing, Shawn Aveningo Sanders uses poetry, prose, and letters to share her #MeToo story—one that has taken over 30 years to reveal. ————— “Starkly honest and memorably graceful, these poems are a virtuoso performance of feminism and survival.” —Amy Miller, author of The Trouble with New England Girls ————— “Forced into silence for too long, women all over this world are now speaking out, saying #MeToo. What She Was Wearing is Sanders’ brave voice joining this transforming chorus.” —Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita ————— “Shawn Aveningo Sanders has turned shame, anguish and grief into poetry” —Judith Arcana, poet & activist for reproductive rights, author of Announcements from the Planetarium ————— “Fresh and unflinching” —Leslie Anne Mcilroy, co-founder HEArt: Human Equity through Art ————— “As a fellow #MeToo survivor, all 25 poems in the book spoke to me.” —Sharon Wood Wortman, poet, storyteller, author of The Portland Bridge Book ————— “What She Was Wearing demonstrates how sexual assault impacts the entirety of the survivor’s life and shows us how one can fight their way back to feeling whole again.” —Christopher Luna, Clark County, WA’s inaugural poet laureate —————

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