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Where I Live Some of the Time

Barry Vitcov
Where I Live Some of the Time
Finishing Line Press, 2020
Purchase book: finishinglinepress.com
Author website: vitcov.com
A debut book of poetry, Where I Live Some of the Time, is a collection of poems about friendship, nature, fantasy, love, travel, politics and the memories of youth and growing older written shortly after Barry Vitcov turned seventy. There are meditations from his home in Ashland, Oregon and summer vacations in Carmel, California, where he fell under the influence of poet Robinson Jeffers and the Pacific Coastline. The range of topics includes a fantasy about a talking guitar in “Takamine Guitar Love Song,” the political commentaries of “Semicolons and Politicians” and “Counting Florets After an Election,” and structured villanelles such as “Portraits of Angels in the Sky.” Not to be ignored are poems inspired by his standard poodles.

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