• Fall Contest Delayed: Help out!

    OPA is currently without an Adult Contest Chair, and is seeking a volunteer to hold this position for at least the fall 2016 contest.

    The deadline for this contest will be pushed back to at least October 15th. If we are not able to find a contest chair by mid-August, the ... Read all of this item.

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    The Down Towne Poets, a monthly reading held in Dan and Sarah Goyette’s Down Towne Coffee House, in Talent, was started in 2005 by Deborah Thornley, who moved to Tucson in 2007, leaving the program to be coordinated by Dave Harvey. Co-host Carol Brockfield and he have continued to ... Read all of this item.

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  • Arn Strasser’s new collection TO THE POET LISTENING

    I am pleased to announce that Budding Branch Books has recently published a new collection of my poetry, TO THE POET LISTENING. Available at Broadway Books, Powells and other outlets. Support from fellow poets is most appreciated.

    Two reading announcements: on August 4th I will be reading poems of Nature and ... Read all of this item.

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  • Avenida Uriburu by Michael Hanner, reviewed by Sara Burant June 1, 2016

    Avenida Uriburu by Michael Hanner
    Chandelier Galaxy Books, 2015
    Available on Amazon.com for $6.00 plus s & h

    Avenida Uriburu Reviewed by Sara Burant

    Perhaps not coincidentally I was reading Avenida Uriburu on a train. It was raining steadily. Outside, shapes and colors ran together. I forgot where I was then remembered a jacket I wore as a child. Seeing the jacket that wasn’t there but curiously was, I regained my bearings: reading a book of poems situated in Buenos Aires on a train heading into Oakland, California. “Without images we tend to lose our way,” wrote James Hillman. Avenida Uriburu is a book concerned with images and bearings, with the extent to which one can and cannot orient oneself in territory at once familiar and strange. In lieu of compass and map, poet Michael Hanner both engages the art of noticing and constructs ... Read all of this item.

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  • Featured OPA Contest Winner: Amy S. O’Hearn April 30, 2015


    were meant to climb over and woods dense with underbrush and muck our domain. We hacked through prickly bushes, trampled long grass, collected burrs on our clothes and in our hair, clear cut canopies to lay bare the soft earth, and sat for hours stripping bark to carve the skin that lay beneath. When that grew tiresome, we traipsed to the lowlands to construct a catwalk of doors over swamp and shape an inner sanctum within its towering reeds, until the day my father forced me to lead him to my brother’s towering collection of pornographic magazines. A tower quite impressive in the way it leaned so markedly to the right yet remained standing, almost as tall as I was at 8 or 9. I try to envision my father’s reaction, but all I can see is the tower of glossy magazines, his own stash transferred by my brother from ... Read all of this item.

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