• Oregon Poetry Association Fall 2017 Contest Winners

    OPA congratulates all the winners below, and thanks them and all the poets who entered for sharing their work.


    Poet’s Choice — Joe Wilkins, Judge

    1st Place: “Don’t Bother the Flowers” by Sherri Levine, Portland, OR

    2nd Place: “In Defense of Loneliness” by Donna Prinzmetal, Portland, OR

    3rd Place: “We tried to do it all—” by Susanne Twight-Alexander, Eugene, OR

    1st Honorable Mention: “Knots” by David Southward, Milwaukee, WI

    2nd Honorable Mention: “How we know” by Lois Leveen, Portland, OR

    3rd Honorable Mention: “In Rome” by Don Hogle, New York, NY

    4th Honorable Mention: “Mr. Stagmeyer’s Typing Class” by Jay Schroder, Medford, OR


    Members Only — Pepper Trail, Judge

    1st Place: “Rest & Recuperation, 1970” by Keli Osborn, Eugene, OR

    2nd Place: “I Sit Astride the Globe” by Stella Guillory, Vancouver, WA

    3rd Place: “Letting Go of the Landline” by Stephanie Striffler, Portland, OR

    Honorable Mention: “Erasure Poem #72” by Shawn Avenigo Sanders, Beaverton, OR

    Honorable Mention: “Souvenir” by Nancy Flynn, Portland, OR

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  • Posted: September 12, 2017

    Just Published: Arn Strasser “Incidental Longing” and READING

    On Thursday, Oct. 5th at 7pm at BROADWAY BOOKS I will be reading from my just published new collection, INCIDENTAL LONGING (Budding Branch Books). The books is available at Broadway Books, Powell’s City of Books, Cannon Beach Bookstore, Garden Fever and other independent outlets.

    Hope you can make it!

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  • No Acute Distress by Jennifer Richter, reviewed by Tiah Lindner Raphael

    No Acute Distress by Jennifer Richter

    Southern Illinois University Press
    ISBN-13 #978-0809334827
    2016, 67 pp, $15.95
    Author website: www.jenniferrichterpoet.com

    Reviewed by Tiah Lindner Raphael

    From Disease to Ease: Transforming Pain into Resilience

    Jennifer Richter’s second full-length collection, No Acute Distress, was published in 2016 by Southern Illinois University Press as part of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry, Editor’s Selection. Following her first collection, Threshold, which won the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry, Open Competition, No Acute Distress centers around family, un/health, chronic disease, and the way in which these forces shape identity. The collection follows a single speaker in an arc of transformation, looking for the universal through the lens of intensely personal – and physical – experiences.

    Structurally, the book is divided into sections  – “Family History,” “Admission,” “Examination,” “Complications,” “Release” – mirroring the inpatient intake and treatment process. Medical terminology is explored in all ... Read all of this item.

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  • Ralph Salisbury Passes

    October 19, 2017

    It’s our sad duty to announce that Ralph Salisbury, long-time Oregon resident and poet extraordinaire, passed away early last week. This is not only a great loss to poetry in Oregon, but a personal blow to those who knew Ralph. Our thoughts and hearts are with his wife, Ingrid Wendt.

    OPA members have shared many thoughts and memories of Ralph. We post a few below.


    Quinton Hallett shares the following:


    I am hanging on to history

                       A Cento from/for Ralph Salisbury on his 90th Birthday


    There will be this noise, maybe

    affirmations of transcendent flight

    Growing toward ripening

    Maybe in love, let’s say

    to hold, as much as possible, of all

    and not ever long enough, dance.


    All lines, including the title: © Ralph Salisbury, from:  Like the Sun in Storm, Blind Pumper at the Well, and Light from a Bullet Hole

    Cento ©Quinton Hallett, 2016


    Eleanor Berry writes:


    In his poetry we see Salisbury as a boy running traplines to get fur ... Read all of this item.

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