• 2018 Conference Augments Oregon Poetry Collection

    At the OPA conference in Eugene the last weekend of September, OPA collected books for the Oregon Poetry Collection. Erik Muller writes: “The basket for donations to the OPC is heavy, indeed. Seventeen authors, twenty-three titles, forty-six books, and two 2016 Verseweavers.”

    For information about the Oregon Poetry Collection, and how to donate books to it, see “Oregon Poetry Collection” under RESOURCES

    These are the books about to arrive in the collection:

    Verseweavers, Number 21, 2016.  Two copies.

    Dawn Anderson. Seeing the Beauty in Everyday Things. Two copies.

    Dawn Anderson. Stamp Collection.  Two copies.

    Jose Angel Araguz.  Reasons (Not) To Dance.  Two copies.

    Jose Angel Araguz.  The Wall.  Two copies.

    Jose Angel Araguz.  Everything We Think We Hear.  Two copies.

    Jose Angel Araguz.  Until We Are Level Again.  Two copies.

    Joan Dobbie.  Woodstock Baby.  Two copies.

    Kelly Eastland.  Illuminated Planet.  One copy.

    Trina Gaynon.  The Alphabet of Romance.  Two copies.

    Sherri Levine.  In These Voices.  Two copies.

    Rosemary Douglas Lombard.  Turtles All the ... Read all of this item.

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  • Posted: October 15, 2018

    3 New books being Published


    I have a new chapbook of nature poetry published through Cyberwit (India)
    titled, “Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened”

    You can find it at:

    I also have news of several other books:

    A poetry chapbook of mine was picked up, and is set to be published in 2019 by Weasel ...

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  • Before Dreaming: Poems by Arn Strasser, reviewed by Gigi Cooper

    Before Dreaming

    by Arn Strasser


    Budding Branch Books, an imprint of Asher & Merriman Publishers

    ISBN# 978-0-9841874-1-6

    2015, 89 pp., $19.95



    Before Dreaming almost is correct; Between Dreaming would be accurate. Arn Strasser’s collection investigates the interaction between the dream state and wakefulness. He approaches the enigma of the dream world with both wonder and dread, exploring the boundaries between living and dead, youth and age, adventure and solace. Without magniloquence, he takes the reader on a journey from as close as the dining room and sofa to the markets and shores of Sardinia.

    For Strasser, sleep is not a separate condition, but a way to access both memories and the future. Dream and memory inextricably intertwine in the book, most literally in the penultimate set of poems

    called “The Wanderers.”


    1. Night

    … so we may wander

    the landscapes

    of our dreams … .


    these constellations of our

    desires, a twilight of



    1. Awakening

    Do you hear


    of the dead,


    who speak in memory … .


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  • 2017 Spring Contest, Theme – Oregon/Pacific NW: 1st Place Winner

    September 10, 2018

    These poems were submitted for the spring 2017 contest themed category judged by Charles Goodrich, but were omitted from Verseweavers 22. Any future reprints of Verseweavers 22 will include the Oregon/Pacific Northwest category. They will also be Included in the upcoming Verseweavers 23 to be published late spring 2019.


    Effigy of a Man
    by Nancy Christopherson

    What if, for
    instance, thoughts flew from your mind
    like seagulls crying for fish entrails
    near a fisherman’s vessel at noon, fog
    rolling in. Wouldn’t these be open.
    Watch their wings. The boat
    rocking gently on swells. Your name
    could be Ahab or Ivan or Giovanni,
    you might live in Havana
    or Vancouver or Odessa. You could
    be seventeen or seventy-five. Your sweater
    could be dry or smeared with offal.
    What can the nets bring toward you. What
    might they reveal you don’t already know,
    intimately. Your friend at home in his
    clean apron setting the ... Read all of this item.

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