• OPA 2018 Conference – Registration Opens

    Calling all Poets: Register now for the 2018 Oregon Poetry Association Conference!

    September 29-30, 2018
    Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR

    Update: Tentative Conference Schedule (click on “Read all of this item” below to view schedule)

    OPA will do its best to stick to this schedule– however, occasionally circumstances intervene in the lives of these presenters. Watch this space for updates.

    A schedule with room names and workshop descriptions will be provided at registration time.

    Saturday 9 a.m. keynote opens the conference
    Kim Stafford, Oregon Poet Laureate: “The Flavor of Unity”

    Poetry Workshops, Book Room
    Buffet lunch and OPA annual membership meeting
    Readings by OPA contest winners and Open Mic
    Early Risers Coffee and Poetry Art Walk

    Special Event on September 28th at 4 p.m.
    The University of Oregon’s Knight Library, current home of the Oregon Poetry Collection, hosts an award ceremony for undergraduate poetry.

    1501 Kincaid St. Eugene, OR: University of Oregon campus

    Early Bird Registration: $85 for members before ... Read all of this item.

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  • Posted: July 13, 2018

    Passing of Edward van Aelstyn, by Alan Contreras

    I note the passing of Edward van Aelstyn of Newport. I’m not sure that is mentioned anywhere else on OPA. He died May 23, 2018. He was the editor of Northwest Review at the UO when it was shut down over complaints about the content of poetry by Philip Whalen ...

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  • Before Dreaming: Poems by Arn Strasser, reviewed by Gigi Cooper

    Before Dreaming

    by Arn Strasser


    Budding Branch Books, an imprint of Asher & Merriman Publishers

    ISBN# 978-0-9841874-1-6

    2015, 89 pp., $19.95



    Before Dreaming almost is correct; Between Dreaming would be accurate. Arn Strasser’s collection investigates the interaction between the dream state and wakefulness. He approaches the enigma of the dream world with both wonder and dread, exploring the boundaries between living and dead, youth and age, adventure and solace. Without magniloquence, he takes the reader on a journey from as close as the dining room and sofa to the markets and shores of Sardinia.

    For Strasser, sleep is not a separate condition, but a way to access both memories and the future. Dream and memory inextricably intertwine in the book, most literally in the penultimate set of poems

    called “The Wanderers.”


    1. Night

    … so we may wander

    the landscapes

    of our dreams … .


    these constellations of our

    desires, a twilight of



    1. Awakening

    Do you hear


    of the dead,


    who speak in memory … .


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  • 2018 Spring Contest Winner: 1st Place, Theme–Borders and Boundaries

    June 2, 2018

    Cross-Country Bus

    by Charlotte Abernathy


    Miles beyond midnight, beyond another state line,

    past service station signs glaring from high pylons,

    beyond remnants of a weary town, one last overhead

    reading light clicks off. In the dark, drowsy voices

    merge with the droning motor, the roaring tires.

    Cold window glass rumbles hard against my forehead

    as I watch moonlit hills rise and fall like ocean swells.

    Distant farmhouses appear and disappear like small

    boats afloat in a heaving sea. Fleeting images of shelter

    comfort me all through the long unwinding night.




    Judge’s comments

    I was drawn to the category, Borders and Boundaries, because it is a subject that I ponder often and I often have lived in between places: countries, regions, cultures. These poems didn’t disappoint. The poets explored a lot of ground, figuratively and literally. And it was fun to explore with them. The poems that really stuck with me were those that took me someplace. The first-place poem reminded me of many ... Read all of this item.

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