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  • Posted: September 12, 2017

    Just Published: Arn Strasser “Incidental Longing” and READING

    On Thursday, Oct. 5th at 7pm at BROADWAY BOOKS I will be reading from my just published new collection, INCIDENTAL LONGING (Budding Branch Books). The books is available at Broadway Books, Powell’s City of Books, Cannon Beach Bookstore, Garden Fever and other independent outlets.

    Hope you can make it!

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  • Cascade-Siskiyou: Poems by Pepper Trail, reviewed by Alan Contreras

    Painted Thrush Press, 2015, 65 pages, $12

    ISBN 978-1508484356

    Available via Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Cascade-Siskiyou-Poems-Pepper-Trail/dp/150848435X

    The Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon and northern California are what writers of stories of the west, both historic and fictional, call “rough country.” It is in fact about as rough as anyone might ask for in the lower 48 states, particularly in the steep tangled chasms of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness at the western end of the complex. The whole region has in recent years become a land in transition as its history of winter snows is now matched by summer fires of brutal proportions.


    This is the home range, if you will, of Pepper Trail, a forensic biologist and one of the nation’s experts on the identification of feathers. It is this country of a thousand borders, this land of stony pockets, hard-faced shrubbery, and random defensive trees, that he inhabits ... Read all of this item.

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  • 2017 Fall Contest Winner: 2nd Place, New Poets

    November 18, 2017

    Cosmonaut’s Lament


    Above her head

    the stars,

    bleary in their watchfulness


    Under her feet

    black offal,

    of metal tang and smoke and char


    Contrails unspool like strands of hair in zero G

    and the cosmonaut thinks of

    earthbound tidepools


    little pockets of life

    where there should be no life


    Of her sweetheart, unclasping

    a locket notched at her throat

    when she sees a burning line unzip the sky


    Of her mother and father, looking

    to the strafed horizon

    from the empty boardwalk


    Am I their Lucifer,

    the Heavens lost,

    falling down to an embered earth


    Or their Icarus,

    spine twisting,

    fused emptying breath and breezes lack?


    The cosmonaut enters the breach

    and Earth swings up like a steady sword

    from a golden myth


    little pockets of life

    where there should be no life



    Genevieve DeGuzman’s work has appeared in Asian Journal, now called Tablet, a Columbia University publication. She is the author of Working in the UnOffice, a book exploring the concept of coworking and collaborative workspaces. Recently, Genevieve was awarded a 2017 literary arts grant to attend the ... Read all of this item.

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