• Eugene’s Public Poetry

    Erik Muller is one of OPA’s representatives on the Oregon Poetry Collection’s governing committee. Check out new OPC material at http://oregonpoets.org/resources/oregon-poetry-collection/

    Here he writes about public poetry in Eugene.

    One: Poems Inscribed on Steel

    Plenty of poetry books right at home and more than I’ll ever get to at the Eugene Public Library. But still I want this morning to read Cecelia Hagen’s steel “chapbook” of twenty-six poems at the new EmX bus stops. I’m resolved to do that, the novelty of that!

    Her poems are blocks apart—inscribed on the electrical boxes at each stop along the West EmX route. I pack umbrella, water, a notebook and pens, starting out at 9:30 on the morning of the last Saturday of September, 2017. I will walk the EmX route from Eugene Station to Commerce Station, along 6th to 11th, then return from there to Eugene Station along 11th and 7th. The weather looks unpredictable, ... Read all of this item.

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  • Before Dreaming: Poems by Arn Strasser, reviewed by Gigi Cooper

    Before Dreaming

    by Arn Strasser


    Budding Branch Books, an imprint of Asher & Merriman Publishers

    ISBN# 978-0-9841874-1-6

    2015, 89 pp., $19.95



    Before Dreaming almost is correct; Between Dreaming would be accurate. Arn Strasser’s collection investigates the interaction between the dream state and wakefulness. He approaches the enigma of the dream world with both wonder and dread, exploring the boundaries between living and dead, youth and age, adventure and solace. Without magniloquence, he takes the reader on a journey from as close as the dining room and sofa to the markets and shores of Sardinia.

    For Strasser, sleep is not a separate condition, but a way to access both memories and the future. Dream and memory inextricably intertwine in the book, most literally in the penultimate set of poems

    called “The Wanderers.”


    1. Night

    … so we may wander

    the landscapes

    of our dreams … .


    these constellations of our

    desires, a twilight of



    1. Awakening

    Do you hear


    of the dead,


    who speak in memory … .


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  • An Interview with Willa Schneberg

    April 3, 2018


    Willa Schneberg (back row, center) after reading and interaction program with “Gunjan” members


    During her stay in Kathmandu between Feb. 4 and Feb. 12, Willa Schneberg taught at the Dharmakirti Vihar before a large group of Nepalese Theravada Buddhists, lay and monastic. She also taught at a number of other venues.  In an interview with OPA newsletter editor Bruce Parker, Willa discussed her time in Nepal.

    BP:  How did you become a poet-in-residence in Kathmandu, Nepal?

    WS:  Nepali poet, Nabin Chitrakar, heard me read at the Eastside Freedom Library, an arts and social justice venue in St. Paul, Minnesota, where his son and daughter live. We  began an email correspondence that evolved into how I might bring my flavor of poetry to Kathmandu. He arranged six poetry-related programs. I received a RACC (Regional Arts & Cultural Council) Professional Development grant given to Oregon artists who live in ... Read all of this item.

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