• OPA Spring 2019 Contest Opens January 1st

    March 1, 2019

    open: January 1, 2019
    Limit: one poem per category.
    Spaces between
    stanzas do not count as lines.
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be published on the OPA website and in
    OPA’s annual anthology, Verseweavers


    Limit: one entry per

    1) Poet’s Choice:
    Limit 80 lines, any subject, any form. Judge:
    John Sibley Williams.

    2) Members Only:
    Limit 20 lines, any subject, any form. Entrant must be a current OPA member. Judge: José Angel Araguz.

    3) New Poets:
    Limit 30 lines, any subject, any form. A new poet is someone with no more than
    two poems published in online or print journals. Self-published work is
    not considered published in this context. Judge: Stella Beratlis.

    4) Traditional
    10–40 lines, ... Read all of this item.

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  • Posted: February 2, 2019

    Klonopin Meets Sisyphus – New Chapbook by Adam Levon Brown

    The Oregon Poet, Adam Levon Brown, is having a chapbook of poems being published by Weasel Press (Texas) titled, “Klonopin Meets Sisyphus”

    You can stay up to date with the book by visiting https://AdamLevonBrown.com

    “Adam Levon Brown’s new book Klonopin Meets Sisyphus is an amazing display of true vulnerability. Brown, who I ...

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  • Before Dreaming: Poems by Arn Strasser, reviewed by Gigi Cooper

    Before Dreaming

    by Arn Strasser


    Budding Branch Books, an imprint of Asher & Merriman Publishers

    ISBN# 978-0-9841874-1-6

    2015, 89 pp., $19.95



    Before Dreaming almost is correct; Between Dreaming would be accurate. Arn Strasser’s collection investigates the interaction between the dream state and wakefulness. He approaches the enigma of the dream world with both wonder and dread, exploring the boundaries between living and dead, youth and age, adventure and solace. Without magniloquence, he takes the reader on a journey from as close as the dining room and sofa to the markets and shores of Sardinia.

    For Strasser, sleep is not a separate condition, but a way to access both memories and the future. Dream and memory inextricably intertwine in the book, most literally in the penultimate set of poems

    called “The Wanderers.”


    1. Night

    … so we may wander

    the landscapes

    of our dreams … .


    these constellations of our

    desires, a twilight of



    1. Awakening

    Do you hear


    of the dead,


    who speak in memory … .


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  • 2018 Fall Contest, Theme – Harvest, 1st Place Winner

    November 20, 2018

    the mountain in the evening
    by Brad Canfield

    my grandfather had a black mountain and he picked asparagus in his garden just in front of the mountain he pulled each stalk from the dirt with his thick dirty fingers and dropped it gently into an old coffee can shunk. shunk. shunk. each stalk was a like piece of the evening because the sky grew darker as he picked and i think he looked like he was coming up out of the soil while he picked and i also think he looked like he was growing out of the soil and into a mountain

    Judge’s comments
    In three readings of this set of poems, my first choice never changed. The winner, “the mountain in the evening,” caught me with its simplicity, brevity, and a powerful transformative metaphor balanced on the word because. This in a five-line prose poem with the moody feel of ... Read all of this item.

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