Guest Poets at OPA Conferences

OPA has a wonderful history of bringing in, from all parts of our state and all across the nation, poets whose words inspire us and whose workshops teach us.
Many of our own members have also led workshops at conferences for free or very nominal fees. We have all been enriched by their contributions as well.

Refer to the list below to see which poets have been our guests at conferences. You will be redirected to the web sites of poets on the list who have web sites by clicking on their name, or taken to a site with more information about that poet.

Kim Stafford
Emmett Wheatfall
Paisley Rekdal
Paulann Petersen
Cindy Williams Gutierrez
Heather McHugh
Matthew Dickman
Judith Montgomery
Laurel Blossom
Daniel Nathan Terry
Clem Starck
Charles Goodrich
Tess Gallagher
Paul Hunter
Susan Goldsmith Wooldrich
John C. Morrison

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