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We love hearing about, passing on news about, and reading about our OPA members having poems published in literary journals, in zines, on web sites, and as a consequence of winning a contest. Please let us know where we can find your most recent publications, and use this page as a guide to the publications where OPA member’s poems appear!

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 OPA Member News

  • Food Issue of The Poeming Pigeon Released by The Poetry Box

    November 7, 2015

    Shawn Aveningo of The Poetry Box is proud to announce the release of the latest issue of The Poeming Pigeon, just in time for the holidays!

    Homer, The Poeming Pigeon mascot, has been hunting and pecking to gather the most delicious poetry for a new collection of poems from around the globe – all about food. Allow us to whet your appetite with an opening poem by Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita, Paulann Petersen, followed by a feast of verse that may not only make your mouth water, but your eyes well-up too. Food not only nourishes our body, it can feed our soul. What’s your favorite food? You just might find a poem about it inside this journal of poetry.

    Contributing Poets Include:

    A.J. Huffman • Andrew David Viceroy • Ann Howells • Ann Privateer • Barbara A. Meier • Beth Suter • Boutheina Boughnim Laarif • Carolyn Martin • Cassie Von Alst • Cathy Cain • Christine Easterly • Christine Kouwenhoven • Claudia F. Savage • Connie Post • Dan Raphael • Dawn Orosco • Deborah Meltvedt • Debra McQueen • Elizabeth Moscoso • Elizabeth Vrenios • Georgette Howington • Heather Angier • Helen Kerner • Irene Bloom • Jan Duncan-O’Neal • Jan Haag • Jane Burn • Jane Simpson • Jane Yolen • JC Reilly • Jeanine Stevens • Jeannie E. Roberts • JenniferAnne Morrison • Jill Boyles • Joan Colby • Joan Leotta • Joanne S. Bodin • Judith Skillman • Karla Linn Merrifield • Katy Brown • Kimberly White • Larry Schug • Laurel Feigenbaum • Laurie Kolp • Linda Ferguson • Linda Flaherty Haltmaier • Linda Hofke • Linda Jackson Collins • Lori Levy • Lori Loranger • Lu Pierro • M.J.Iuppa • Mariano Zaro • Mark L. Levinson • Martie Odell-Ingebretsen • Mary Kay Rummel • Matt Hohner • Nathan Tompkins • Paul Belz • Paulann Petersen • Penelope Scambly Schott • Rachelle M. Parker • Richard King Perkins II • Rick Blum • Sarah Ghoshal • Shawn Aveningo • Sreemoyee Roy Chowdhury • Stephen McGuinness • Susan Mahan • Susan Star Paddock • Suzanne Bruce • Sylvia Riojas Vaughn • Tammy Robacker • Taylor Graham • Terri Niccum • Tricia Knoll • Victorio Reyes

  • Arn Strasser

    August 25, 2015

    I hope you’ll come to my upcoming reading at Broadway Books on Thursday, October 8th at 7 pm. I’ll be reading new work and selections from my new book, BEFORE DREAMING, recently published by Budding Branch Books. I’m looking forward to a lively, relaxed evening with time for questions and discussion.

  • Tiel Ansari book review published

    July 13, 2015

    Tiel Ansari reviews Mary Cresswell’s “Fish Stories” at

  • Joan Maiers

    July 8, 2015

    The Spring issue of Green Living Journal published my poem “Handling Change in Old Town”.

  • Gail Denham

    June 3, 2015

    “Duet” poem published in Sylvan (Pennsylvania); Pegasus (Kentucky State Poetry Soc.) two poems; a photo of mine used on cover of Prize Poems anthology (Pennsyl. Poetry Society); Pennessence (Pennsyl.) one poem; poem in Texas 2016 Calendar, “Truth on the Wind”, cento; won 2nd prize in Galaxy Verse contest; Well Versed anthology using two poems (Columbia Writers Guild); Sin Fronteras (Writers Without Borders) using ekphrastic poem. Springfield Writers Guild, using poems and short story.

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