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SMALL FEATHER by Jade Rosina McCutcheon

Jade Rosina McCutcheon
Finishing Line Press, 2020
Purchase book: https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/small-feather-by-jade-rosina-mccutcheon/
Author website: https://www.jaderosinamccutcheon.com/
In Jade Rosina McCutcheon’s first published collection, we encounter an art fair that “arrives / in hottentot orange heat / and settles like a peacock / feather on an emerald field”; we observe a bag woman who gathers “galaxy dust / bag by bag”; and we contemplate a woman at a Melbourne train station who waits “for a / spirit beast / or a medicine woman / to follow the tracks / on her arm / make sense / of her life.” The imaginative poems in this debut chapbook give us a first sample of McCutcheon’s penchant for striking and often surreal imagery. Here, words call to us, evoking “a madrigal circus of apricots / dressed as sirens / in the distance.” —Paulann Petersen Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita

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