OPA Board Minutes Feb. 13, 2023

I. Call to Order-president called meeting to order @ 6:34pm
Board Members Present:
Sue Fagalde Lick
Nancy Christopherson
Efrain Diaz-Horna
Lauren Mallett
Bob Sterry
Aaron Erhardt
Lorna Rose-Hahn
Debra Wöhrmann
II. Approval of Jan. 10, 2023 minutes—Nancy moved to approve and Lauren seconded.

  • Post only the approved copy of minutes for public.
  • Nancy asked Debra to send out the final approved minutes only a couple of days before
    our next meeting to be posted then onto OPA’s website—to avoid confusion.
    III. Board changes
    A. Resignation of Jade Rosina McCutcheon. She’s moving back to Australia.
  • We need another person to join the board. Anyone interested should contact a
    member of the board.
  • Bob suggested that members of the board advertise this open board seat and the need
    for a new appointee to work actively on the board.
  • We especially welcome a board member interested in working as Membership Chair
    and in helping to plan events–including the annual conference.
    B. Resignation of Rana Tahir and appointment of Aaron Erhardt as new board member and
  • Nancy proposed to accept this appointment, and Lauren seconded the motion. All
    approved and welcomed Aaron.
  • Bank of America will not accept checks over six months old, and some checks have
    not been deposited yet into the OPA account.
  • Possibility of changing banks in the future was discussed.
  • Bob suggested Advantis as a Credit Union possibility.
          C. When do our terms expire?
               Sue and Lorna—elected Oct. 2020, term expires Oct. 2023
               Nancy and Lauren—elected Oct. 2021, term expires Oct. 2024
               Efrain, appointed in 2022 to fill Rayn Rand’s seat, term expires Oct. 2023
               Bob, appointed in 2022 to fill Priscilla Hunter’s seat, term expires Oct. 2024
               Debra, elected Oct. 2022, term expires Oct. 2025
               Aaron, appointed to fill Melissa Eaton’s seat, term expires Oct. 2025
    IV. Officer Reports

A. President – Sue

  1. NFSPS presidents’ membership chat (attached).
  • Ideas and best practices are shared between state chapters: Some states sponsor
    monthly meetings for discussions or readings (virtual and hybrid). Another sells
    member’s books at fairs.
  • NFSPS Sunday learning sessions are open for all to attend. Sue will notify the board
    when these sessions are announced.
  1. Slam competition (see attachment). Last year was the first annual national Blackberry
    Peach Slam Competition, held in Florida. This year it will be combined with the
    conference in Des Moines, Iowa (June 21-24).
  • Slamlandia will send a representative from Oregon for OPA. Finals are March 16.
  • OPA will financially support the slam winner to travel.
  • NFSPS sponsors a Spoken Word competition, and all are free to take part.
  1. Too many hats
  • Sue will finish her term in October and would like some of her responsibilities to be
    taken on by other board members.

– Lorna will help with the website

B. Vice President-Nancy

  • Nancy will send out invitations to Verseweavers readings to winners of the 2022 adult
    contest soon.
  • Readings take place March 14 & 16
         C. Secretary-Debra
  • Nothing to discuss
    D. Treasurer-Aaron
             – We needs another signature. It will be the president, Sue for now.
  • The spreadsheet prepared by Rana shows the OPA balance is $45,310.90.
  • The OPA saved money these past several years by doing the conference online.
    V. Committee Reports
         A. Social Media (Lorna)-The board thanks Lorna for the good job she is doing.
    1.Contests are open, and Lorna will post reminders
  1. Lauren suggest prioritizing the adult contest first and then the students contests.
         B. Membership – 410 people 348 active members 61 overdue 56 lapsed
         C. Adult Contests (Nancy)-going well with more entries arriving daily.
  2. Poems arrive via Submittable
  3. Nancy will send packets to judges on March 2nd; judges have the month of March to
    judge and will return results back by April 1st.
         D. Youth Contests—going well and Lauren has accepted first submissions.
         E. Webmaster (Sue)-Lorna will begin helping out

V. Old Business:
     A. Post Office box—We’ll leave it in Portland and look into forwarding services the P.O.
might provide. Bob has offered to take over the pickup if Debra wants him to do so.
B. Promotional material—We are not sure who has them. We might need to make new, more
up-to-date materials.
C. Certificates for retiring board members have been sent to recently retired board members
as an expression of appreciation. Thanks to Efrain.
     D. Verseweaver readings—March 14 & 16

  1. Nancy will register each person to simplify the process.
  2. Lorna will make a FB event
    E. National Poetry Month open mics every Monday on Zoom @ 7pm
  • OPA members with new books published in the last three years are invited to read:
    April 3, 10, 17, 24
    VI. New business
          A. CONFERENCE!
  1. Poll sent out 2/5/23 via Wild Apricot—results
  • 86 people responded
  • For Location: Eugene is the winner
  • 56 for in person and 26 for online
  • If online: 69 said No 14 Yes
  • 18 said they would not attend
  • 9 people said they would help with the conference, and Sue has already heard from
    one person who might help.
  • Debra will contact these people and Bob is happy to help.
  1. Info on potential sites?
  • Nancy wants conference in Pendleton at the Wild Horse Casino.
  • Lauren suggested the Art Center in Pendleton but consensus was that it is too small.
  1. Time of Conference: Saturday, October 7 is the anticipated date.
  2. Conference committee
  • Lauren, Efrain, and Bob volunteered to be on the planning committee.
    VII. Next board meeting
    Monday, March 6 @ 6:30pm
    VII. Adjournment: Aaron moved to adjourn & Efrain seconded it.
    Adjourned at 8:03pm
    Minutes recorded by Debra Wöhrmann, Secretary on February 13,2023

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