August Wilson Red Door Project

Dear Family, Friends, Acquaintances & You,
I am, 87 years old, August 30, 2020, with more to do than time allows. You don’t have to be this old to have these thoughts, but imagine being 87? What, on Earth, do I want to do next?
This morning I have a new idea becoming a full-fledged project. It planted itself two years ago when I found the August Wilson Red Door Project–or it found me.
The Red Door Project is an advanced University teaching me wisdom, integrity, reality. Bringing me to my senses about peace-filled integrating, accepting, respecting.
I saw, heard and felt two plays, Hands Up and Cop Out in which I experienced, being black in Portland. A light lit. Innocence vanished.
Please scroll down to the video in this non-profit appeal for funds, in which Kevin Jones, Co-Founder with Lesli Mones, describes the mission of the Red Door Project
I am asking for a birthday present this year. I want to promote and fund this kind of wholistic education–reaching/touching all human senses. If you are so moved, send the Red Door Project a birthday contribution of $12. or whatever is affordable. Help us change, evolve, expand Racial Ecology Through the Arts, from Portland Oregon into our educationally-starving America.
Ubuntu, (“I am because you are”) Norma
If you support this idea, please move it forward…

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