Fall Poetry Contest Results

Congratulations to all the winning poets and poems in the 2020 Fall Contest, and thank you to each contestant who entered! The poetry was lovely!

Fall Contest Chairperson – Susan Morse

OPA Fall 2020 Contest Results:

Poet’s Choice: Pepper Trail, judge

First Place: “Rise on Up” – Mark Hammerschick
Second Place: “Temenos” – Alicia Byrne Keane
Third Place: “The Ballad of Chaos Nightingale” – Charles Castle

Honorable Mention: “the rape of persephone” – Sophie App-Singer
Honorable Mention: “Davis Peak Road” – Ruby Hansen Murray
Honorable Mention: “Minding the Elements” – Carol Barrett

Members Only: Amy Miller, judge

First Place: “At the Frenchglen Hotel” – Scottie Sterrett
Second Place: “Stealing Flowers From the Neighbors” – Sherri Levine
Third Place: “Weathervane” – Charles Castle

Honorable Mention: “Resume for Some Future Lover” – Daniel Hobbs
Honorable Mention: “The Marionette” – John McPherson
Honorable Mention: “Useful” – Paul Telles

New Poets: Eleanor Berry, judge

First Place: “The Outcrop” – Vicki Pedone
Second Place: “Her Eyes” – Robin Havenick
Third Place: “English Composition, 1962” – Daniel Hobbs

Honorable Mention: “this is supposed to be a poem” -Adam Oyster-Sands
Honorable Mention: “Seedless” – Ashley Baker
Honorable Mention: “The Body is Still a Miracle” – Pamela E. Hepper

Traditional/Pantoum: Erica Goss, judge

First Place: “Say Their Names” – Dan Kaufman
Second Place: “Prime the Big Bang to Reset the Clocks” – Barbara Blanks
Third Place: “Visiting Hours During the Pandemic” – Ann Farley

Honorable Mention: “Alterations” – Terry Hall Bodine
Honorable Mention: “Pantoum on the Cycle of Ice” – Laurel Benjamin
Honorable Mention: “Strongman” – Quinn Miller

Theme/Community: Emmett Wheatfall, judge

First Place: “Friday Night After COVID” – Christen Pagett
Second Place: “The Grandmothers Stand” – Linda Appel
Third Place: “don’t call us punk because we hate that” – Adam Oyster-Sands

Honorable Mention: “Small Town Pick (me) up” – Ryleigh Norgrove
Honorable Mention: “Never Say One Letter Doesn’t Count” – Catherine McGuire
Honorable Mention: “Drawing on Energy Reserves” – Lisa Baldwin

Under 30: Marilyn Johnston, judge

First Place: “Matryoshka” – Bailey Thomas
Second Place: “They’re Playing Baseball in Korea” – Alex Hart
Third Place: “Rebuild with Love” – Sophie App-Singer

Honorable Mention: “Friendsick” – Ashley Baker
Honorable Mention: “Minerva” – Jay Butler
Honorable Mention: “Sapling” – Moumita Roy

Spanish Language: José Angel Araguz, judge

First Place: “Sin ataduras” – Concepción Sámano
Second Place: “Nadie vendrá salvo la muerte” – German Rizo
Third Place: “Inocencia” – Tamara Alarcon Basurto

Honorable Mention: “Delirio” – Nitza Hernandez

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