Laura LeHew

July 21, 2013, 10:04 am
LeHew, Laura

Laura LeHew had an interview with the Oregon Arts Alliance, they republished her poem, “The Other Laura.” Her poem “The New Math” was published by Pank, read her interview with Pank

She’s had poems accepted/published in:
Amaterasu published  “Our People” in their anthology-all the anthology profits ($20) to aid the American Red Cross for Japan’s benefit
Ambush Review took “Another Side of the Fence” and “Turmoil”
Apollo’s Lyre “Crackle” and “Lucidly Drowning”
Atticus Review is publishing “Nympholepsy”
Busk accepted “Please Note”
Cirque published “The Fate for Which We Must Prepare”
The Corner Club Press accepted “The Geography of Transgression”
Denver Syntax took “In Answer to Everything” and “Indiana Zeus and the Tempest Womb”
Eleven Eleven is publishing “What the Dictionary Does Not Know”
Fade accepted “These Things I Know Are True”
Guerrilla Pamphlets published a photo “Bee”
HeartLodge is publishing “The Chest” in the anthology Collecting Life: Poets on Objects Known and Imagined
Intentional Walk accepted “A True Chicago Fan,” “Beer, Butt Cracks and A Word From Their Sponsor,” “First Pitch,” “Rookie” and “Run Run Run”
L’Allure des Mots published “Points of Attraction”
NoirCon.comrepublished “The Organized Offender”
Poetry Landfill took “Possessing No Physiological Function”
Primalzine took “257 Dissolvable Stitches Plus The Inevitable 2 (Anesthesialess) Stitches In Your Eyebrow”
Subliminal Interiors took “The Demographics of Prison”
Symmetry Pebbles accepted “Making Sense of Investing” and “Still Life as Mixed Media”
The Planet Formerly Known as Earth accepted “Should We Vanish?”
Thema took “Eleven Ways to See a Spider”
Uphook Press accepted “Theodora’s List” for their anthology -gape-seed-
Original Weather an anthology by Uttered Chaos “Basins,” “Fault Lines Emerging at the Continental Divide” and  “Plummeting”
vis a tergo, “Becoming Captain Awesome”
Weasel and Gunpublished “Castings,” “Do Your Scars Hurt?,” “Ghosted with Echoes,” “I Am Definitely Lapsed” and “I Was Sired in Fire,” Nap took “Tribulation”

Uttered Chaos (editor Laura LeHew) released Into the Owl-Dreamed Night by Charles F. Thielman, Diesel Horse by Joy L. McDowell, and Original Weather, a full color, 8 1/2″ x 7″, perfect bound book. The featured multi-media works on paper are by Robert Tomlinson, Eugene, Oregon. Poems by Eugene area poets: Karen Clausel, Lydia Foster, Quinton Hallett, Kella Hanna-Wayne, Colette Jonopulos, Laura LeHew, Nancy Carol Moody, Kathryn Ridall and Charles F. Thielman.

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