NFSPS News: Oregon Poets Place in National Contests

Eleanor Berry, OPA President Emerita, has recently completed a two-year term as President of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. At the 2016 NFSPS Convention in Minnesota, she handed the gavel to her successor, Jim Barton of Arkansas. She will remain on the NFSPS Executive Board for two more years, serving as Chair of the Presidential Advisory Committee.

The results of the 2016 NFSPS contests were announced at the convention and have been posted on the NFSPS website at OPA member Charlotte Abernathy of Ashland served as NFSPS Contest Chair, sorting through the ~7,000 poems entered, sending them out to the judges for the 50 contests, recording the results, and preparing certificates for all 500 winners. At the last minute, a knee injury prevented her attending the convention, where she would have been the one to announce the winners–and had the pleasure of announcing the following Oregon wins:

Oregon poets who placed in the NFSPS contests:

Lisa E. Baldwin: 5th HM in #23, citation in #25, 2nd HM in #28, 2nd HM in #33, 1st HM #38
Eleanor Berry: 7th HM in #5, 1st place in #29, 2nd HM in #30, 1st place in #40
Carol Brockfield: 1st place in #34, 7th HM in #36
Gail Denham: 7th HM in #10, 1st HM in #46
Dave Harvey: 1st HM in #1, 6th HM in #16, 4th HM in #20, 1st place in #21
Joy McDowell: 3rd HM in #16, 3rd place in #27, 3rd HM in #44
Jay Schroder: 3rd HM in #3
Teena Shields: 3rd HM in #10, 4th HM in #16

Several Oregonians were also among the judges:

Christine Delea for #25
Toni Hanner for #30
Henry Hughes for #31
Jennifer Richter for #16
Colette Tennant for #34
John Sibley Williams for #10

The 2017 NFSPS Convention will be held in downtown Fort Worth, TX, June 29th-July 2nd. . . . The 2018 convention will be in Colorado, and then . . . longtime convention-goers have fond memories of the one we hosted in Coos Bay and want to come back Oregon.

Note: If anyone has changes or additions to this list, please contact the webmaster.

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