OPA Board May 8, 2023 Minutes

OPA Board Minutes for May 8, 2023

I. Call to Order – Sue called meeting to order 6:38pm


Sue Fagalde Lick

Charles Castle

Nancy Christopherson

Aaron Erhardt

Sharon Johnson

Lauren Mallett

Bob Sterry

Debra Elisa Wöhrmann


Efrain Diaz-Horna

Lorna Rose-Hahn

II. Approval of April 11, 2023 minutes


III. Officer Reports

     A. President

1. Attended NFSPS Learning Central Roundtable on April 30 & discussed

– partnerships with other organizations to promote poetry

– ways to interact with organizations such as monetary sponsorships

– using social media platforms to promote events

– how Ohio Poetry Association works with local bookstores. They promote each other.

– groups benefit by developing liaisons

2. Sue is nearly ready to post statewide poetry events.

3. Sue received promotional items from Rana and

– an enormous OPA Banner (for events with enough space)

– OPA bookmarks

– lanyards

– totebags

4. A takeaway Sue found with AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) is the idea of an interactive online or in-person poem where passing poets add a line to a continuing work

5. OPA hosted three open mics on Mondays in April for members with books published since 2020. Attendance was small at the first two, good at the third. A fourth open mic was canceled due to lack of a host.

     B. Vice President-not present, no report.

     C Secretary-not present, no report.

     D. Treasurer

1. Current balance: $48,394.05

– Income over the past month includes membership fees and small donations.

– Need to fix $60 expense Fee Reduction Fund – should be for members attending conference.

2. Aaron found paperwork to be OPA treasurer in limbo due to new banking regulations

– could not follow up on lost March electronic payment to Milepost 42

– Aaron to start updating OPA Board info process with BofA per their rep

– Aaron will set up electronic signing doc with final May minutes to identify Board members to BofA

3. Bob suggested putting some money into a CD or another interest-producing account

– the board agreed some investment is a good idea and will determine how much money needs to be kept on hand

– Aaron to check on ability of 501(c) to earn interest/invest stagnant funds without jeopardizing non-profit status

IV. Committee Reports

     A. Social Media – (Lorna) not present, no report.

     B. Membership (Charles)

– 312 active members, slight drop

– Charles suggested reaching out to lapsed members, suspects difficulty with Wild Apricot to blame

– Charles expects a couple of renewals weekly, a welcome break to March’s rush of renewals

– Bob forwarded about 8 membership/renewals on May 5 to Aaron

– Bob suggested snapshots of checks through banking app to speed up process. Aaron to follow up on it.

– Aaron currently forwarding membership/renewals to Charles by email

    C. Adult Contests (Nancy) Not present, no report.

     D. Youth Contests (Lauren) – deadline May 15th for judges (BOARD) to return results to Lauren

– 127 submissions across 3 age groups, sent to board to judge & rank

– Judges to narrow down to 10 best liked poems, rank those in descending order 10 to 1, 10 most favored

– Lauren recusing herself from judging – knows students

– Lauren to format winning poems for Cascadia publication on website

– Rana is staying on as Webmaster for Cascadia, will publish poetry on website

– June 1st is Zoom reading, and Lauren will send out a simple Zoom link rather than go through Wild Apricot

– Lauren needs to be appointed Zoom host for the reading or risk denial by device

– Send last minute reminder to participants

     E. Webmaster (Sue/Lorna)Nothing to report.

V. Old Business:

     A. Find something better than Wild Apricot/Submittables for memberships and event registrations?

VI. New business


1. Committee met May 5th and format will be like the last years: keynote; workshops; readings

– Anis Mojgani, Oregon’s Poet Laureate, is unable to attend as keynote

– Pondering other possible keynote speakers

– Workshop proposal deadline is June 16th

– Bob suggested workshop “Should Poets Read Their Own Poetry?”

– Zoom conference to be run by Kate Ristau of Willamette Writers

– We will need a master room and two other rooms, like last year

– Registration opens August 1st

– Need to publicize!

2. Theme: Past the Mask

3. Saturday, October 7th is date of conference

  • $300 for keynote and $200 for workshop leaders

4. Committee now includes Sue Lick, Lauren, Bob, Charles, Lorna, Sharon Johnson, and Betsy Fogelman Tighe.

– Next committee meeting: June 10th

      B. Bob brought up changes at KQAC, their All Classical Music Space (CMS)

– local to Portland, but also online so worldwide audience

– has around 250,000 daily Oregon & Washington listeners

– Currently located above Oregon Ballet near OMSI

– Moving to KOIN Tower for larger space with auditorium

– Bob asked Susan Nance about OPA & CMS partnership & is happy to start liaisoning

– Bob believes CMS is likely to take on greater portion of OPA & CMS idea

– Charles suggested recording poetry-related readings & interviews, editing to produce a smoother work

– Sue mentioned Oregon Poetic Voices

– Portland Literary Arts involvement?

– Charles was curious about CMS donating digital archive to UO Collections

– Bob would appreciate other ideas & suggestions regarding partnership

– Bob will send email so far to Sue to circulate

      C. Sue noticed no new OPA events between June 1 and Oct 7 Conference

– Charles mentioned Big Wave Open Mike in Florence and Unitarian Church 75 person auditorium rental for $25 for an OPA One Off Event

– National Federation of State Poetry Societies is having its annual conference in Iowa in June

– Bob brought up bringing publishers into promoting poetry events

– Sharon noted that poetry slams attract younger generation & develop current & future interest in poetry

– Sue says Verselandia is going again for Kids and Teens

– Lauren expects winnings for Cascadia winners to total about $1500

– Bob asked if OPA membership fees are appropriate, high enough ensure future events

VII. Next board meeting—Monday, June 12 @ 6:30pm

VII. Adjournment—Meeting adjourned                                           

Recorded by Aaron Erhardt

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