Oregon Poetry Association Spring 2015 Contest Winners Announced

The OPA Spring 2015 Poetry Contest had seven categories, many entries, and three dozen winner and honorable mention poems. The contest results are posted on the Spring 2015 Contest Winners page. The contest winners’ page also includes judge’s comments about the category and poems.

Spring 2015 Contest categories and judges:

1) Poet’s Choice, limit 80 lines, any subject, any form. Judge: Maxine Scates
2) Members Only, 6-12 lines, any subject, any form. Judge: Ingrid Wendt
3) Dueling Judges, free verse, any subject, limit 40 lines. Judges: Kate Gray, Jennifer Richter
4) Traditional Form, Ghazal, limit 30 lines. Judge: Ruth Harrison
5) New Poets, any form, any subject, limit 30 lines. Judge: Amy MacLennan
6) Themed: Endings, limit 40 lines. Judge: Cindy Williams Gutierrez
7) Experimental Poetry, limit 40 lines. Judge: Laura Winter

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