Board Minutes April 15th, 2017


(board members on conference phone call: Tiel, Lisa, Joy, Lynn, Shirley, Dick)


FINANCIAL STATUS: The current balance in Bank of America account of $3288.08 includes most memberships and contest fees. Funds from our recent benefactor have not yet been received. Dick says OPA risks being overdrawn by the time the bequest may be available. He is doing as much as he can to avoid that event. Verseweavers mailing costs are not yet in the expense column. (See financial reports attached to minutes) Dick reports the OPA budget is tight even with him projecting expenses. The treasurer will provide another financial report for the June retreat. The lack of funding for this year’s student contest has resulted in OPA being forced to outlay $1700 for that budget item. OPA has no alternate plan for paying our bills if we suffer a funding shortfall. The treasurer will consult an accountant about non-profit board member liability for unfunded expenses. Lynn volunteered to assist with grant writing. The board mentioned pros and cons of dependence on grant funding.


RETREAT AGENDA: A suggestion for naming an adult contest category for our recent benefactor will be added to retreat discussion. OPA will also discuss prioritizing budget items and where to make potential cuts or generate revenue. The board will discuss ways to upgrade the student contest award ceremony to possibly coordinate with Student Writing Festival or include workshops for winners by age groups. Lisa will collect and work on ideas to present to board. The official number of board positions will be part of retreat discussion. The board will also discuss ideas for growing the OPA. Joy suggested we perhaps take a photo of the board at the retreat for the website. Tiel is checking on a retreat location. Shirley and Joy offered their homes.


CONFERENCE COSTS: The Portland hotel will expect an initial payment near the conference date. Shirley requested Tiel and Dick keep her in the loop regarding conferences expenses

and contracts. In the past our revenue from conference fees has fallen short of total costs associated with the event.


ADULT CONTEST: We received less than 100 entries (some non-members) for the 2017 spring contest. OPA will discuss attempts to market the contest better. OPA currently has 210 members.


OREGON CONVERSATION PROJECT: Volunteers will be needed to put up flyers and encourage the involved libraries to utilize their own resources for advertising. OPA is compiling a list of email destinations for advertising our activities. Joy will host the Springfield speaker at her home.


ADULT CONTEST: Contest chair is receiving returns from judges to make winner notifications.


STUDENT CONTEST UPDATE: The poetry exhibit at the Capitol Building is up for display. Cascadia is ready to print. If OPA doesn’t hear from Manningham Contest in time to print for April 29 award event, we will use another route of recognition for Manningham winners. Ceremony for student contest winners is in Portland. RSVPs indicate a projected good attendance in response to invitations.


CONTINUING BUSINESS: OPA must recruit a new membership chair prior to our next membership renewal deadline. Computer skills would be a help for this position which involves labels and mailings. The OPA membership directory will come out with the next newsletter. At least three board positions will be open by fall as terms run out. OPA must share our sense of poetry as mission to attract new board members. Lynn will write a small piece on why members should consider becoming a board member to share with the board. The call will go out in mid-April for conference workshop proposals. Shirley and Tiel are working to prepare the text for a mass mailing by Kathy. Responses are set to come in from May 1 to June 1, 2017.


NEW BUSINESS: Our next meeting will be held Sunday, May 21, from 1 to 4 pm. NW Book Fair is coming up, but OPA is not in a financial position to consider participating this year. Dick pointed out there are additional costs associated with this event in addition to registration. Mailing books is expensive. There is not currently a Portland unit to spearhead participating in this event. OPA might announce the event on the OPA Facebook page, and encourage members to create a Facebook group related to participation. Tiel suggested that OPA consider what members “get out of” being a member. If we participate in the book fair we must balance the benefit to Portland members versus downstate members.


Knight Library wants to renegotiate the Memo of Understanding for the Oregon Poetry Collection. The university has hired a new Head of Collections. There will be a steering committee meeting in Eugene in early June to discuss this issue. Joy will attend as an OPA representative. Tiel expressed interest in attending.


Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Joy McDowell OPA board secretary




Appendix: Financial Report



Current  Balance and Anticipated Receipts [Based on 2016]


Bank of America Current Balance $3288.08
Anticipated Receipts (5/1 -8/31) $950
Total $4,238.08


Anticipated Expenses


Student Contest $1,150 Does not include summer mailing. [$500]
Adult Contest $1,280  
Phone and Internet $850  
Postage & Copying $250  
Verseweavers $1,250 One issue
Other $200  
Total $4,980.00  



Board Minutes March 19, 2017


(phone conference participants: Dorothy, Tiel, Joy, Susan, Dick, Lisa, Shirley, Lynn.)


The board enjoyed sharing poems by email when our meeting agenda came out.


Student Contest: OPA did not receive approval for use of the state capitol building for the Cascadia Student Contest award ceremony. Charles Jordan Community Center in Portland is our alternate site for Saturday, April 29, 2017. Rental time is 12:30 – 3:30 pm, ceremony is from 1 – 3 pm. Invitations will go out this week. Cost to OPA is $90 rental and a $100 deposit, which is refundable.


Cascadia production starts soon. OPA is waiting on notification from NFSPS of any Manningham winners. Charlotte Abernathy will be asked about using her art for the cover.


Collins funding did not come through for the student contest. A proposal was made to utilize a portion of the Pat Banta bequest for this year’s Cascadia contest if no other funding is forthcoming. A request to the Juan Young Trust will be submitted by March 31 including funding for this year’s ceremony as a kick off for next year’s contest.


The Pat Banta bequest will be in the neighborhood of $15-18,000. There are small snags in settling the estate. The attorney for the estate is hoping to settle by the end of March. Delay would impact funding for the fall OPA conference and other OPA functions if no other funding is forthcoming for this year’s student contest. OPA will continue to pursue grants to fund student contests in the future.


Inquires will be made about investing the Pat Banta bequest. Board members felt a significant portion should be held in reserve and only the interest used for annual OPA operations. Investment and allocation ideas will be discussed at future board meetings. OPA is planning a recognition opportunity for the late Pat Banta’s generosity at the Fall OPA conference.


Oregon Conversation Project: Springfield Library offered to host a session on Tuesday, June 27. The presenter prefers Thursday, June 29th. Details are coming together. Josephine Community Library has agreed to host a session in July. Details to come. The libraries will help with advertising. Jason Graham, a poet, will be the speaker for all sessions. The deadline for OPA’s application to Oregon Humanities with our proposed dates is March 31, 2017.


The board noted that keeping track of volunteer hours is important for use as in-kind on grant applications. A trial Google tracking document has been set up. We can all access this site.


Susan is leaving the membership chair position. She will train her successor. Notices were to go out for those with dues past due. Confusion resulted in a mailing to all members. The dues reminder does not currently have a link in the PDF to pay dues. OPA has 200 members, approximately 100 less members than last year.


OPA is seeking a membership chair and someone to fill a vacant board position. We will insert a notice soliciting volunteers for these positions in the upcoming newsletter. Volunteers for the adult contest chair and book reviewer positions have been located.


A newsletter will be emailed out within two weeks. Bios of new board members will be included.


Information is being compiled about mailing targets outside OPA membership for soliciting conference workshops and conference participants.


Continuity planning has not been a strong point for OPA. The unfilled position of historian keeps institutional memory to assist the board. More effort is being made to use the website to record information instead of having paper records scattered across the state. Several reference documents are available on the OPA website.


The board briefly discussed the wisdom of maintaining a nine member board number.


The next meeting of the OPA board will be Saturday, April 15, 9-12 PM. Dorothy will be absent.


Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Joy McDowell, OPA Board Secretary

Board Minutes February 19th, 2017

February 19, 2017 Minutes

Oregon Poetry Association

Board Meeting


On the phone: Tiel, Dick, Joy, Shirley, Lisa, Lynn (Dorothy, Susan unavailable)


Student Contest:  The judging is finished. We have ten winners from each age division. The letters OPA sent to middle schools paid off in participation. K-2 had 18 entries, 74 in the grade 3-5 group, 190 middle school entries and 35 from high school. OPA will mail 2018 contest information to high school teachers.


A room is reserved at the Salem capitol building for the Awards Ceremony on April 29. We are awaiting confirmation on the room. OPA hopes to hear from the Collins Foundation in the coming week regarding contest funding. Create Space will be used for the publication of Cascadia.


Verseweavers has been mailed and received by board members.


No progress has been made on Oregon Conversation Project in Portland. The Eugene Library has detailed requirements and will take 4-6 months for advance review. Springfield Library also has an application process. More inquiries will be made regarding the Springfield Library as a possible venue. No fees may be charged. Josephine Community Library has already participated in this program and would have fewer problems repeating the effort.


OPA will check on River Road Parks Annex Building and also see if Lane Literary Guild might be willing to co-sponsor. April 1 is the deadline for programs presented from May to August. The honorarium is $125 for three events paid to Oregon Humanities.


Written reports were provided to the board about the non-profit training that two board members attended. Out of that training a suggestion was made that board members include poetry in our meetings. It was agreed that each board member may offer a short poem as a “reply all” on our next meeting agenda email.


Strophes which comes out quarterly will be contacted to insert our upcoming conference details. News of a Southern Oregon publishing party will also be shared.


2017 OPA Conference proposals will come to:  Emails asking for proposals go out March 15, April 15, and May 15. June 1 is the deadline. The OPA retreat will evaluate proposals on June 17. Notification of acceptances will be made by June 25.


Conference “early bird” registration deadline is September 30. Late registration costs more.


Registration deadline for hotel reservations is September 12. Breakfast is part of hotel room fee. A daily parking fee and taxes add to the reasonable $84 room cost.

OPA still needs a new book review editor, new membership chair and adult contest chair. Job descriptions are available. Soliciting of the general membership to volunteer for these positions will be undertaken. Information will go out ASAP to avoid overloading members with emails in the spring. A request for another board member will be included in this membership contact since we have one position standing open.


The board decided to offer five categories in the Fall 2017 Adult Contest: Poets Choice/any form, New Members/any form, Members Only/any form, Traditional Form/villanelle, Themed: Current Events/any form. The board expanded the line limit for the Members Only category from 12 to 20 lines. In other categories the line limits are unchanged.


The next phone conference board meeting will Sunday, March 19, 2017.