Board Minutes February 19th, 2017

February 19, 2017 Minutes

Oregon Poetry Association

Board Meeting


On the phone: Tiel, Dick, Joy, Shirley, Lisa, Lynn (Dorothy, Susan unavailable)


Student Contest:  The judging is finished. We have ten winners from each age division. The letters OPA sent to middle schools paid off in participation. K-2 had 18 entries, 74 in the grade 3-5 group, 190 middle school entries and 35 from high school. OPA will mail 2018 contest information to high school teachers.


A room is reserved at the Salem capitol building for the Awards Ceremony on April 29. We are awaiting confirmation on the room. OPA hopes to hear from the Collins Foundation in the coming week regarding contest funding. Create Space will be used for the publication of Cascadia.


Verseweavers has been mailed and received by board members.


No progress has been made on Oregon Conversation Project in Portland. The Eugene Library has detailed requirements and will take 4-6 months for advance review. Springfield Library also has an application process. More inquiries will be made regarding the Springfield Library as a possible venue. No fees may be charged. Josephine Community Library has already participated in this program and would have fewer problems repeating the effort.


OPA will check on River Road Parks Annex Building and also see if Lane Literary Guild might be willing to co-sponsor. April 1 is the deadline for programs presented from May to August. The honorarium is $125 for three events paid to Oregon Humanities.


Written reports were provided to the board about the non-profit training that two board members attended. Out of that training a suggestion was made that board members include poetry in our meetings. It was agreed that each board member may offer a short poem as a “reply all” on our next meeting agenda email.


Strophes which comes out quarterly will be contacted to insert our upcoming conference details. News of a Southern Oregon publishing party will also be shared.


2017 OPA Conference proposals will come to:  Emails asking for proposals go out March 15, April 15, and May 15. June 1 is the deadline. The OPA retreat will evaluate proposals on June 17. Notification of acceptances will be made by June 25.


Conference “early bird” registration deadline is September 30. Late registration costs more.


Registration deadline for hotel reservations is September 12. Breakfast is part of hotel room fee. A daily parking fee and taxes add to the reasonable $84 room cost.

OPA still needs a new book review editor, new membership chair and adult contest chair. Job descriptions are available. Soliciting of the general membership to volunteer for these positions will be undertaken. Information will go out ASAP to avoid overloading members with emails in the spring. A request for another board member will be included in this membership contact since we have one position standing open.


The board decided to offer five categories in the Fall 2017 Adult Contest: Poets Choice/any form, New Members/any form, Members Only/any form, Traditional Form/villanelle, Themed: Current Events/any form. The board expanded the line limit for the Members Only category from 12 to 20 lines. In other categories the line limits are unchanged.


The next phone conference board meeting will Sunday, March 19, 2017.




Board Minutes January 8th, 2017

OPA BOARD MEETING by conference call

January 8, 2017

Participating: Tiel, Dorothy, Dick, Joy, Susan, Lisa, Lynn and Shirley


FALL CONFERENCE: University Place Hotel is confirmed and so is Emmett Wheatfall as keynote speaker. Keynote to be delivered on Friday evening. Request for gluten free lunch option.


VERSEWEAVERS: Booklet collected from printer 12/16. Bulk mail will come out of Portland. Weather problems have added to delay mailing 2015 edition.


ADULT CONTEST: Eleanor is preparing the 2016 edition. The 2017 OPA spring contest info is now posted on the website. February 1 to March 1 entry period. Winners announced by April 2017. OPA no longer sends certificates, just a letter with checks for winners. Honorable mentions receive a letter as well.


STUDENT CONTEST: 277 poems submitted. 6th-8th grade division 168 poems. Judging to take place on January 10, 2017 at Lisa’s home in Grants Pass. OPA will target High School age group with teacher information for next contest. After judging is complete Tiel will start process to publish Cascadia. Lisa would like to learn this process.  One student didn’t provide identifying data. Effort will be made on Facebook to elicit this information.


As soon as the award ceremony location and date are confirmed invitations will go to student winners. We won’t hear about funding until February. Capitol building room deposit is $200. Cancellation penalty must be explored.


NFSPS makes awards to groups who assist youth poetry. OPA project details will be submitted.


OREGON CONVERSATION PROJECT: Jason Graham will work with us on a project combining his presentation with an open mic. OPA must determine venues and dates. Shirley, Tiel and Lisa will work as a committee to have a plan by the end of January. Opportunity in Bend depends upon finding an on-the-ground person.


LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: OPA discussed other types of service awards. The board will discuss this topic at the retreat. Moving forward OPA will be conservative in application of this award.


CONFERENCE PROPOSALS: Conference proposals are reviewed and decided upon at the annual retreat. This year’s retreat will be on Saturday, June 17. May 1 to June 1 is the submission period for proposals. Three calls for proposals will go out starting March 15. Another about April 15. May 15 would be last call reminder. The OPA membership mailing list and website will be used for these calls. Shirley will receive workshop proposals and present them at our retreat.


MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Membership chair will be sending out postcards in February to remind members to renew. Difficulty arises with mix of electronic renewals and paper renewals. OPA plans to delete non-renewing members after two years and change postcard reminders to be blank in date area for future use. Members paying dues by paper will be notified. Electronic renewal provides a receipt. Membership chair will attempt to update email addresses. Members may not be checking all email options for OPA mail and newsletters. A suggestion was made to replace our very busy newsletter editor since we are not receiving newsletters. Membership chair will also send a message via email or letter to welcome new members and give them a sense of connection.


NEXT MEETING DATE: Sunday, February 19, 2017.


NEW BOOK REVIEW EDITOR NEEDED: OPA needs an editor with reasonably high standards. Reviews must be specific. Books written or edited by members and anthologies with members included are eligible for review. Editor recruits members or non-members to submit reviews.


Meeting adjourned. Joy McDowell, secretary OPA


Board Minutes December 11, 2016


December 11, 2016


Tiel, Richard, Lisa, Joy, Lynn, Shirley and Dorothy on line


Minutes: How detailed to make OPA minutes? A suggestion was made to keep them somewhat detailed. Members were concerned about attaching names to discussion. Motions should be general. Any member can always request their name be attached to an action item.


A question was raised regarding an OPA response to new members who join. OPA will follow up on this in the next meeting. Membership chair will be asked to report regarding a routine acknowledgment to new members.


Financial reports: Treasurer has not yet received November 2016 month end statement from bank. Approximately $1700 remains in the checking account. The Marion County Cultural Development check (designated funds) was received for Marion County unit reading series. The University of Oregon reimbursed OPA for September reception expense.


In Patricia Banta’s Estate OPA is listed as one of six beneficiaries of 10% of the residual estate. OPA will be told of the exact amount in the coming year.


The treasurer received another inquiry regarding including OPA in a member’s estate. This member was interested in providing for a poetry prize i.e. funding for adult contest by having a “named category”. President and Treasurer will meet with this individual to discuss options.


Student Contest Grant: Board members received drafts of application. $500 cost to use one room in the capitol building. Collins Foundation grant to be signed and submitted this week. No word on result until February 2017. The treasurer has a backup grant source identified.


Venue for student contest award ceremony at capitol is filling up rapidly. Treasurer will check on cancellation fees and reservation rate. The last weekend in April and the first in May will be investigated. President will contact capitol staff regarding another exhibit of winning poems.


Student Contest Chair will be judging poems in early January utilizing poets and teachers.


2017 Fall OPA Conference update: University Place Hotel is reserved for October 13, 14, and 15th. A formal proposal/contract will be forwarded to OPA. The room rate for attendees would be $84 per night. $15 per night for parking. Full breakfast is included in that rate. The available meeting space will work for our purposes. Three board members made an on-site visit.


The President proposes we contact Emmet Wheatfall as our keynote speaker. His approach to poetry will likely be much less academic than past speakers.


Lifetime Memberships: We currently have 296 members of whom 17 are life members. Should OPA limit lifetime memberships to a percentage of total membership or keep the option open? The board decided to enhance the draft copy of criteria for making this award and consider the topic at a future meeting.


Oregon Conversation Project: President is resending a link via email regarding this project. The question is whether OPA should sponsor a conversation. Organizations and or businesses would utilize a speaker on the topic of the humanities. OPA would find space and publicize it. There is an option to host events in different locations in the state. Suggestions were made to combine this with a reading. Rates are reasonable ($125) for 3 conversations. Lodging is the responsibility of the sponsoring agency. Information on travel will be obtained.


OPA must apply by April 1 for the May 1 thru August 31 window for a conversation. The first contact is with the speaker who lives in Bend. Board members will check with local libraries for availability and interest. Treasurer will contact Oregon Humanities regarding associated costs.


Two OPA board members are attending non-profit association training on January 21, 2017.


Discussion of OPA policy for adult contest. Poems out of compliance will be addressed as follows, “Award will be recalled if a winning poem is withdrawn or found to be in violation of rules before publication in Verseweavers anthology of prize poems, and lower prizes and honorable mention will move up in classification.” Motion passed.


A request has been received from an Idaho citizen to locate a 1980s lost poem by a Willamette Valley Poets member. Past OPA presidents from the area will be contacted.


Membership Drive: Discussion postponed to next month.


January OPA board meeting date: Sunday, January 8, 2017 1-4 PM