Posted May 22, 2020.

2020 Spring Contest Winners: Under 30: 1st Place Winner

Tuesdays But Also Sometimes Never

by Brady Pearson

I didn’t come to bed last night

Someone needed to water

The faux potted pothos you keep on your windowsill

It was dying after all

So I stayed up tending it

A restless farmer, wearing a feather duster

Tilling at windmills

Poet’s Bio

Brady Pearson is a graduate of Portland State with a degree in Physics whose primary passions are poetry, philosophy, photography, physics, and alliteration.

Judges Comments – David Biespiel

This poem is a brief beauty. The pairing of “I didn’t” with “I stayed” is succinct. The puns — “potted pathos” and “tilling at windmills” — delightful. 

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