June 2023

OPA Board Minutes April 11, 2023

I. Call to Order – Sue called meeting to order 6:38 pmPresent:Sue Fagalde LickBob SterryDebra Elisa WöhrmannLauren MallettCharles CastleLorna Rose-HahnAbsent:Efrain Diaz-HornaAaron ErhardtNancy Christopherson II. Approval of March 6, 2023 minutesBob moved to accept and Lauren secondedIII. Officer Reports     A. President Windfall once a month; River Road, and a couple of coffee shops are doingthings. (One of […]

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OPA Board Minutes March 6, 2023

I. Call to OrderSue called meeting to order at 6:31 pmPresent:Sue Fagalde LickBob SterryEfrain Diaz-HornaAaron ErhardtDebra Elisa WöhrmannNancy ChristophersonLauren MallettCharles CastleAbsent:Lorna Rose-HahnII. Approval of Feb. 13, 2023 minutesNancy moved to approve the minutes, and Lauren secondedIII. Appointment of Charles Castle to the board to fill Jade Rosina McCutcheon’s slot,which runs through Oct. 2025. Nancy moved

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OPA Board Minutes Feb. 13, 2023

I. Call to Order-president called meeting to order @ 6:34pmBoard Members Present:Sue Fagalde LickNancy ChristophersonEfrain Diaz-HornaLauren MallettBob SterryAaron ErhardtLorna Rose-HahnDebra Wöhrmann II. Approval of Jan. 10, 2023 minutes—Nancy moved to approve and Lauren seconded. A. President – Sue – Lorna will help with the website B. Vice President-Nancy V. Old Business:     A. Post Office box—We’ll leave

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OPA Board Minutes Jan. 10, 2023

I. Call to Order 6:32 pmPresent: Absent:Sue Lick, Jade Rosina McCutcheon, Nancy Christopherson, Efrain Diaz-Horna, Lauren Mallett, Melissa Broderick Eaton, Bob Sterry, Lorna Rose-Hahn, Debra Wöhrmann II. Approval of Nov. 7, 2022 minutes III. Resignation of membership chair—still in need of someone. IV. Officer ReportsA. President (Sue): Mid-Valley has received the grant they requested, $2385. They will use

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OPA Needs You!

Dear friends, we are losing six of nine executive board members when their terms expire in October. We need your help. Would you consider a nomination to the OPA board of directors? Most of the board member activities revolve around policy-setting, contests, and planning our annual conference and other events. Serving on the board starts

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