Posted October 21, 2020.

Announcing the new Executive Board for 2020/2021

The OPA Excutive Board met on October 12, wherein four new members were welcomed and we said goodbye to four members whose terms had expired.  The new Board is as follows:

President: Jennifer Rood

Vice-President: Sue Fagalde Lick

Secretary: Dan Liberthson

Treasurer: Rana Tahir

Historian: Jennifer Rood

At Large: Dave Mehler

At Large: Rayn Roberts

At Large: Dale Champlin

At Large: Lorna Rose Hahn

At Large: Susan Morse

OPA Special Positions:

Membership Chair:  Dave Mehler
Adult Contest Chair: Susan Morse
Newsletter Editor: Dale Champlin
Web Master: Bruce Parker
Book Review Editor: Carolyn Martin


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