Oregon Poetry Association – 2016 Spring Contest Winners

Poet’s Choice judged by Vince Wixon

Poet’s Choice 1st Place
Ruth F. Harrison
“On the Possibility of Action”

Poet’s Choice 2nd Place
Leah Stenson

Poet’s Choice 3rd Place
Jennifer Dorner
“Leaving India”

Poet’s Choice 1st Honorable Mention
David Pickering

Poet’s Choice 2nd Honorable Mention
Nancy Flynn
“Watts Towering”

Poet’s Choice 3rd Honorable Mention
Mary Winslow
“Reading John Haislip in Lincoln City”

Themed judged by Elizabeth Woody

Themed 1st Place
Stephen Jones
“Disheveled Mexico”

Themed 2nd Place
Jay Schroder
“The Long Walk”

Themed 3rd Place
Pattie PalmerBaker

Themed 1st Honorable Mention
Cathy Cain
“Navigating the Wind”

Themed 2nd Honorable Mention
David Pickering
“Bayside Gardens”

Themed 3rd Honorable Mention
Charles Dallmann
“Barbara, A Remembrance”

Traditional: Haiku judged by Margaret Chula

Traditional Verse 1st Place
Barbara Blanks
“fat clouds drift”

Traditional Verse 2nd Place
Ruth F. Harrison
“in my April kitchen”

Dueling Judges; Judge A: Jeff Whitney, Judge B: Bette Husted

Dueling Judges (A) 1st Place
Nicole Chvatal
“Here, Love”

Dueling Judges (A) 2nd Place
Cathy Cain

Dueling Judges (A) 3rd Place
Jay Schroder
“May You Get Lucky”

Dueling Judges (A) 1st Honorable Mention
Donna Prinzmetal

Dueling Judges (A) 2nd Honorable Mention
Michael Hanner
“Adriatic Fragment”

Dueling Judges (B) 1st Place
Ann Sinclair

Dueling Judges (B) 2nd Place
Amanda Powell

Dueling Judges (B) 3rd Place
Alan Contreras
“Fairy Wings”

Dueling Judges (B) 1st Honorable Mention
Michael Hanner
“Adriatic Fragment”

Dueling Judges (B) 2nd Honorable Mention
David Pickering
“The Family Goes for a Ride”

Dueling Judges (B) 3rd Honorable Mention
Nicole Chvatal
“Here, Love”

Members Only judged by Don Colburn

Members Only 1st Place
Marjorie Power

Members Only 2nd Place
Shirley A. Plummer
“in love, a double cinquain”

Members Only 3rd Place
Michael Coolen
“When the Buildings Wept”

Members Only 1st Honorable Mention
Rosemary Lombard
“A Beastiary: The Turtle”

Members Only 2nd Honorable Mention
Keli Osborn
“Feedback from a Friend”

Members Only 3rd Honorable Mention
Carol Brockfield
“Not Quite a Haiku”

Members Only 4th Honorable Mention
Doug Stone
“Spring Aubad”

New Poets judged by Emily Pittman Newberry

New Poets 1st Place
Kelly Eastlund
“Soft Targets”

New Poets 2nd Place
Patricia Lundy
“My Little Darling”

New Poets 3rd Place
Meg Holden
“The Alchemy of Huckleberry Pie”

New Poets 1st Honorable Mention
Stephanie Nead

New Poets 2nd Honorable Mention
Steve Dreben
“The Dancer”

New Poets 3rd Honorable Mention
Kathy Beckwith
“Standing on the Shore”

Experimental judged by Lisa Ciccarello

Experimental 1st Place
Michael Hanner
“The History of France in Four Metro Trips”

Experimental 2nd Place
Irene Cooper
“My purse is a tapestry bag”

Experimental 3rd Place
Brad Garber
“Trains of Thought”

Experimental 1st Honorable Mention
Amanda Powell

Experimental 2nd Honorable Mention
Gina Williams
“Cried the Fox”

Experimental 3rd Honorable Mention
Vargus Pike
“Alice Cakes Will Give You Diabetes”

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