Oregon Poetry Association Board Meeting October 12, 2019

Meeting scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. via Skype

Present:  Bruce Parker (President), Diane Corson (Membership Outreach), Jennifer Rood (Vice-President), Carolyn Adams (Treasurer), Dave Mehler (Submittable and Membership List), Susan Morse (Assistant Secretary).  

Not Present: Several members experienced technical difficulties.  Susan Morse finally able to join approximately 7:10; board members Stella Guillory and Dan Liberthson could not.

  1.  Call to Order

Bruce Parker called meeting to order at approximately 7:10 p.m.

Note:  Susan Morse and Jennifer Rood took notes in Dan Liberthson’s absence.

II.  Approval of September 15, 2019 Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes be accepted as amended.  The minutes were accepted by voice vote without objection.

III.  New Business

To begin, Bruce asked if new Treasurer Carolyn Adams had any questions.  She needed a contact person at the bank to finish setting up that account.  Bruce Parker supplied phone contact information.  Then a discussion ensued about persons needing to be on the Submittable account:  Did Stella Guillory have access and need it?  Did former contest judge Amy Miller need it?  Did Charles Castle still need access?  Dave Mehler asked if only a certain number of people should be granted access to avoid extra charges?  Amy, Charles, Lynn Otto and Stella probably do not need access at this point.  

A.  2020 Conference 

Location:  Discussion involved comparing 2018 site at Eugene with 2019 site in Salem. Venue site was less costly in Eugene and there were more participants that year.  (Group rate room prices at Valley River Inn were $119 as compared to $159 at Salem Convention Center, which may have influenced conference attendance.)

Venue:  Mid-coast possibilities were discussed, but Diane Corson has researched hotel locations from Newport up to Tillamook and has had difficulty finding any that have adequate convention facilities.  The Cultural Center in Lincoln City may be a possibility; she will check, as well as with community colleges.  Bruce Parker and Diane will also check out Valley River Inn facilities in Eugene next week.  However, availability of conference facilities there is heavily dependent upon the games that are scheduled through U of O and OSU, which take precedent for bookings.  

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Date:  It was decided that October is the ideal month for the conference (September too early).

In addition, the possibility of adding a Friday night social event (which many members have requested) was discussed.  Attendance prices might vary:  one price for Friday night and Saturday conference; another price for Saturday conference only.

B.  Amendment

The Board has discussed whether OPA membership should be mandatory for anyone nominating and/or serving as future board members.  Bruce Parker drew up proposed amendment (attached).  Some discussion ensued whether committee members must also be OPA members; no consensus reached on that topic.  Dave Mehler moved to approve presentation of the amendment at the 2020 conference (general membership must vote on it), and Carolyn Adams seconded the motion.  All were in favor of bringing the amendment to vote at the 2020 conference.

President called for any further new business.  Dave Mehler brought up the or.poets.membership.com link on the OPA website; apparently it is obsolete.  Board discussed who is in charge of deleting that link (perhaps Tiel Ansari); Dave M. will check this out.  President will add this as “unfinished business” for next Board meeting.

IV.  Announcements  

Most members agreed that a weeknight for future Board meetings was desirable.  It was settled that Wednesday, November 20th at 7 p.m. via Skype would be our next meeting time.

V.  Adjournment

Meeting adjourned approximately 7:48 p.m.

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